This Copyright Dispute Helped Give America Rock ‘n’ Roll

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English: A photograph promoting the film Jailh... English: A photograph promoting the film Jailhouse Rock depicts singer Elvis Presley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And isn’t it ironic that presently, copyright lawsuits are still being used against famous musicians?
‘…The boycott lasted for almost a year. In late 1941, ASCAP signed an agreement with radio stations at terms less generous than it had before the boycott. The Justice Department also sued ASCAP again on antitrust grounds. This time ASCAP lost, and it was forced to accept regulations that opened it up to other musicians and set blanket rates for licensing deemed fair by third parties.

‘With the gatekeeper gone, the new genres maintained their national audience and anointed new stars, including the first rock and roll icons in the following years, a development that grew out of the once neglected genres like blues.

‘Plenty of other economic forces spurred the national adoption of blues, country, and folk. Migration, especially…

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