Masterful Media Manipulation Proof

boingboing-barclays311Community Groups Duped into Fighting Net Neutrality

Why we should be careful about taking sides on Net Neutrality
‘Last week, it transpired that the big cable companies were bankrolling fake consumer groups like Broadband for America and The American Consumer Institute. These “independent consumer advocacy groups” are, in truth, nothing of the sort, and instead represent the interests of its benefactors, in the fight against net neutrality. If that wasn’t bad enough, VICE is now reporting that several of the real community groups (oh, and an Ohio bed-and-breakfast) that were signed up as supporters of Broadband for America were either duped into joining, or were signed up to the cause without their consent or knowledge.

‘For instance, TalkingWithHeroes, a veterans organization, was listed as a member, but its head hadn’t even heard of net neutrality, and insisted that they remain nonpolitical. Another, the Ohio League of Conservation Voters was unaware of Broadband for America until it discovered that it was listed as an official supporter. A third, the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals did sign up, but said that it had been duped, because it believed that Broadband for America was a cause promoting broadband installation in rural areas. The list of supposed members stops making sense when you read that Buster’s Auto Art and Summitville Tile and Roofing are, for some reason, members of an anti-net neutrality campaign group…’

Asia-Pacific is home to 1.7 billion mobile subscribers
That’s half of the world’s total
‘The mobile revolution in Asia-Pacific isn’t showing signs of slowing down. The GSM Association released a report today that reveals the region is home to half of the world’s mobile subscribers, and will continue to be one of the world’s fastest growing mobile markets through 2020 and even beyond.

‘According to the report, there were 1.7 billion unique mobile subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region as of the end of 2013, out of a total global subscriber base of 3.4 billion. China, India, Japan and Indonesia had the largest number of subscribers, ranked according to their sizes. In a nod to the diverse nature of the region though, subscriber penetration was above 90 percent of the population in markets including Japan, but below 15 percent in countries such as Myanmar…’

The art of live tweeting
How to provide value without annoying your followers
‘So, let me start by admitting that live-tweeting (done right) is indeed a great way to boost your visibility and develop relationships. The popularity of twitter’s “Wild West” approach and machine-gun style of updates lends itself to short and punchy tweets that broadcast important points covered at live events.

‘But, live tweeting can also annoy your Twitter followers if you make common mistakes. Reign in your enthusiasm for a minute. Some followers may have no in your barrage of industry-specific tweets. That said, start with a heads-up tweet alerting your followers about your plans, while asking your devoted community to tune-in…’


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