Read Your Web Subscriptions in Custom Newspaper

Англичане порадовали -  PaperLater

Англичане порадовали – PaperLater (Photo credit: romanakamagician)

Put blogs and articles into print and get a personal paper delivered in 3-5 business days.
‘Print journalism is making a comeback with PaperLater, a new app that allows users to design newspapers using their favorite online content. The app, created by the Newspaper Club, allows you to save blogs, articles and other web content and then get it delivered in newspaper form within 3-5 business days. It’s the newspaper lover’s salvation from the digitalization of media.

‘Even in modern times, many people still enjoy the feeling of holding a newspaper without the detractions of pop-ups, moving ads and the Internet. PaperLater subscribers can save anything from the web, by clicking a “Save for PaperLater” button in your web browser. Once you have all the content you want, a well-designed newspaper will be printed and delivered to your home…’

Why Is Everyone Attacking Apple and Amazon Over “Below Cost” In E-Book Pricing?
‘Now Amazon is busy tearing at publishers like a velociraptor and Apple, once the publishers’ only friend, is about as interested in expanding the ebooks market as it is in building a real big screen TV. On the surface, it makes perfect sense, but Apple makes far more money selling iPhone apps and music than books, so why put in any effort?

‘So what do publishers want? What is “below cost” in publishing? Given falling author advances, the move from printed books to e-books, and the general lack of interest in long form reading except in young adult and niche publishing, I doubt anyone knows what a book “costs” anymore. Is it 99 cents? Is it the hardcover price? Is it a sliding scale based on time on market? I personally have been messing around with my own book with varying results but have discovered I make the most “sales” by giving the book away free and make the least money selling paperbacks or selling above $3.

‘As Jon Evans notes, the publishes brought many of their troubles upon themselves. By insisting on DRM they gave Amazon a lock on ebook readers. By insisting on a set price that was a few dollars above Amazon’s they walked into a buzz saw. In the end, everyone loses, especially the author…’

Fastest DIY Standing Chair
Turn Any Office Chair Into A Standing Desk
StorkStand is a collapsible, lightweight structure that can transform any seat into a mobile workstation. Weighs only 4.2 pounds

‘…The mobile standing desk transforms any chair to a standing desk and allows the user to be mobile even for just a few minutes and experience a boost of energy that can help them be just a tad bit more productive and focused on work.

‘StorkStand can be attached to a chair and allow users to work while standing. They can situate their mobile standing desk anywhere they want – in a quiet corner, near the copy machine, or next to a window so they can have a great view while working. The mobile standing desk can also be used as a podium during presentations. The StorkStand can be adjusted to three different desktop angles, depending on what the user needs…’


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