US Supreme Court’s Cellphone Ruling Is a Big Deal’s an ugly scenario: A robber snatched your phone but robber was trapped by police. Can’t the police search the various phones the robber possess to ID your own phone? What if you need your phone at once for some very important task?

The good news: It seems the Supreme Court finally realized that old rules may not be applicable to new technologies

‘In his decision, Chief Justice Roberts makes it clear that cellphones are nothing more than “minicomputers” and that’s one of the reasons why this decision, according to Orin Kerr, “may just be the tip of the iceberg.”

‘In their ruling, the judges made an almost mocking distinction between the search of physical objects and the search of cellphones.

‘The ruling might have bearing on other controversial cases making their way through the lower courts, whether it’s cellphone location tracking or NSA surveillance, argues Hanni Fakhoury, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a digital rights organization…’

How the Supreme Court’s Cellphone Decision Affects You


Aereo’s TV Streaming Service Is Illegal, Supreme Court Says
‘Aereo, the company that lets subscribers watch TV stations’ video that it routes onto the Internet, violates U.S. copyright law, the Supreme Court has ruled. The court’s 6-3 decision reverses a lower court ruling on what has been a hotly contested issue.

‘”So serious is the economic threat that two major networks, CBS and Fox, have said they would consider abandoning over-the-air free broadcasting if they lose,” when the case was argued in April, “and instead broadcast only on pay cable channels.”

‘The plaintiffs in the case were TV producers, marketers and broadcasters who said Aereo violated their copyrights by streaming programs online without a license. Aereo has defended its business model, saying it pulls in content that is broadcast freely, using many small antennas — one per subscriber — and that it serves the programs up only upon users’ requests. The Supreme Court didn’t agree with that view…’
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SM Philippines Going Green!?
A Philippine mall will be the largest solar-powered mall in the world
‘A 1.5 megawatt (1,500 kilowatt) commercial solar rooftop is being built at a local mall to power up a significant portion of its energy requirements.

‘SM Prime Holdings’ solar rooftop project, the largest of its kind in a commercial establishment in the country, is currently under construction at the SM City North EDSA.

‘Hans Sy, a scion of retail magnate Henry Sy, said the project is part of their company’s commitment to use clean and renewable energy in its operations.

‘The solar rooftop is expected to start operation in October making SM North EDSA the biggest solar-powered mall in the world. It is being built by Solar Philippines, the same company responsible for many large solar rooftop projects in the Philippines…’


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  1. IantRVA says:

    This is so relevant to the world we live in today.Thanks for the information.


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    I think this is an interesting article because it is relevant to to everyone with an cell phone which is pretty much everyone. Plus there is some relevant information about a company rebroadcasting free TV for a profit.


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