China: Cure for Internet Addiction Worse than Disease‘Last week, a 19-year-old girl at a rehab center for teenage internet addicts in Henan province died after being kicked and dropped by her instructors for two hours, part of a disciplinary “training session” for not asking permission to go to the bathroom. Guo Lingling’s autopsy showed that she died from skull and brain damage (link in Chinese).

‘Her death is the latest example of military-style boot camps—intended to cure China’s supposed millions of internet addicts—gone horribly wrong. Ever since China classified internet addiction as a mental disorder in 2008, parents have been sending their children to camps that promise to cure them through military-style training and discipline. Estimates for the number of these internet-addiction camps, some of which employ former Chinese military personnel, range from 65 to 300…’

Decentralize Big-Telecom with Pirate Radio Station
‘Make Magazine recently featured a tutorial on constructing a FM pirate radio transmitter using a Raspberry Pi board. Raspberry Pis are single board computers that go for about $55 and are regularly used as the centerpiece for a wide variety of projects ranging from art installations to automation and everything in between.

‘The FM transmitter will broadcast stored media within a limited range to any FM radio receiver nearby. It is a versatile proof of concept that can be used as is to “cover your home, DIY drive-in movie, a high school ball game, or even a bike parade.” In the comment sections below the entry, readers could already be seen expanding the parameters of the project to add more options and increase its utility…’
Pirate Radio & Decentralizing Big-Telecom

What to do if police try to search your phone without a warrant

‘“The most simple precaution you can take is to make sure your phone is locked and/or encrypted,” says Jay Stanley, senior policy analyst for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “The police may take your phone, may try to look at it unconstitutionally, but they won’t be able to.”

‘If you forgot to lock your phone (or just didn’t feel like it), the next step you must take is to “calmly and respectfully tell the officer that his search is in violation of the Constitution under the court’s Riley decision,” says Stanley. (Riley v. United States is the name of the court case that triggered this new search warrant rule.)…’

5 Ways to Access Your PC’s Files Over the Internet
‘Homegroups and network file sharing make it easy to access your PCs file from another PC on the same local network, but accessing your PC’s files over the Internet takes a bit more setup.

‘There are many ways to make files available over the Internet. The real challenge here is finding a secure, easy-to-use solution…’


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