Is Independent Media the Only Real Press?

The Enemy Within (Michael Savage)

The Enemy Within (Michael Savage) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s the claim of Michael Savage

‘After describing how lapdog media figures cozy up to the establishment, conservative radio talk show host and author Michael Savage gave kudos, in particular, to the work of Infowars’ newest reporter Staff Sgt. Joe Biggs, who last week traveled to south Texas where House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was scheduled to give a press conference.

‘Infowars was denied access to the Congressperson because it was not “pre-credentialed” by the establishment, in other words it was decided the news organization based in central Texas and not far from the border is too dangerous to be allowed near Madame Pelosi, who is known for her fumbling answers to serious questions…’

Buy Books that are Banned in Middle Eastern Countries!
‘Ala’ Alsallal, a twenty-eight-year-old entrepreneur and founder of the four-year-old Internet book retailer Jamalon, is selling books banned by governments of various Middle Eastern countries to readers throughout the region. (Forbes).

‘Yesterday, Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria were in the headlines again after they declared a caliphate under strict Islamic law. I couldn’t help but think of the contrast: on one hand, what looks to be a blanket of oppression settling over parts of both countries. On the other, I was standing next to  the entrepreneur Ala’ Alsallal, 28, as he showed me piles of the banned books that his company, Jamalon, ships to readers throughout the Middle East.

‘Jamalon is a four-year-old online books retailer that carries 10 million titles, 75% of them in Arabic. Among them are the books on Alsallal’s new banned books list, which Alsallal started because he says it helps sales to ID the books being targeted by the government censors in countries where he operates…’

A New Prize for Self-Published Authors
Another reason why mainstream pubs shouldn’t be debasing self-publishers
‘Claire Armitstead, literary editor of the Guardian, is spearheading a new collaboration between the London-based newspaper and British independent publisher Legend Press that champions self-published fiction writers in the United Kingdom. This past April, authors residing in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales began submitting their novels to the Guardian Legend Self-Published Book of the Month competition. Each month, twenty staff readers at Legend are tasked with narrowing down an average of five hundred submissions to a shortlist of ten; a panel of experts—including authors Polly Courtney and Stuart Evans, literary agent Andrew Lownie, and Legend’s commissioning editor Lauren Parsons—then chooses the winner of the contest, whose book is reviewed in the Guardian. The first winner was Tom Moran for his comedic novel Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers, which was reviewed in June. Armitstead describes the award as an attempt to keep up with the surging interest in self-publishing and to give high-quality work a valuable platform…’

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