Overeating does Not Cause Obesity, Lack of Excercise Does

A raw, paleolithic-style dish: A sashimi (raw ...

A raw, paleolithic-style dish: A sashimi (raw fish) dinner set (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine report a strong correlation between the rise in obesity and a striking drop in the amount of time Americans spend exercising when not at work over the last 22 years.

‘Their analysis uncovered no evidence that American’s have increased their daily calorie count in the same time period.

‘”We wouldn’t say that calories don’t count, but the main takeaway is that we have to look very carefully at physical activity. The problem is not all in the intake of calories,” said Dr. Uri Ladabaum, a professor of gastroenterology at Stanford Medical School. Ladabaum is also the lead author of the study that will be published in the August issue of the American Journal of Medicine…’

Is Raw Shellfish Still Safe to Eat?
3 Foods That the Experts Won’t Touch

‘Doug Powell doesn’t bring wine when he’s invited to dinner. He brings a food thermometer.

‘As a food safety scientist and creator of barfblog.com, Powell knows way too much about the dangers of undercooked meat to take chances on the barbecue.

‘So he brings a food thermometer to every summer cookout. “I don’t get invited to dinner much,” he says.

‘With the Fourth of July approaching, Powell and other food safety experts talked to USA TODAY about ways to make sure people leave their summer barbecues as healthy as they arrived.

‘Even a fancy dish such as raw oysters, served in high-end restaurants, can pose a huge risk, Powell says, because they can be exposed to raw waste while under water. “The bacteria Vibrio found on raw oysters produces a toxin that attacks vulnerable livers,” Powell says. “Raw shellfish is risky.”…’

From McDonald’s To Organic Valley, You’re Probably Eating Wood Pulp

Probably carton in your noodles too. Years ago, a rumor in Manila claims cheap noodles are being mixed with carton—which is cheaper wood pulp

‘Do not be alarmed, but you may be eating wood pulp. Or at least an additive that started out as wood.

‘If you buy shredded cheeses, including brands such as Organic Valley and Sargento, or hit the drive-through at McDonald’s for a breakfast sandwich or a smoothie, or douse some ribs with bottled barbecue sauce, there’s likely some cellulose that’s been added to your food.

‘Cellulose is basically plant fiber, and one of the most common sources is wood pulp. Manufacturers grind up the wood and extract the cellulose.

‘It’s odd to imagine the same kind of pulp that’s used to make paper turning up in our food. So, it’s no surprise there’s buzz over a spate of recent posts, from to the , on the food industry’s use of cellulose to help add texture and fiber to foods…’
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