How Much Does your Phone Control You?

emissourian-4f673336c1c5b.preview-300How long can you go without checking your phone?
Play the game with someone or with a group and see who lasts
‘It’s shameful, but virtually every unposed photo of me taken in the past few years features me looking at a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

‘I’m not alone – the smartphone is having a devastating effect on face-to-face communication across the world. The team at Vooza is taking extreme action, as this video proves…’

You could be suspected as terrorist if you advertise on video sites

Advertisers on video sites like YouTube may have been accidentally funding jihadis
‘Ads from the U.K. government, charities and multinational corporations have been running ahead of jihadi recruitment videos on sites like YouTube and Dailymotion, a BBC investigation has revealed. That may mean the likes of the National Citizen Service (NCS) and Oxfam have been unwittingly putting money into the pockets of Islamist extremists, as uploaders get a cut of the ads shown before their videos. Following the investigation, NCS, Oxfam and the BBC itself – in a similar position – have complained and/or had their ads removed from the offending videos. YouTube said it removes violent extremist videos when users flag them up…’

Disguise as a Soccer Ref and Keep your City Folks Behaved

Soccer Ref Keeps New York City on Their Best Behavior With Yellow and Red Cards [VIDEO]
‘We all know the people in busy cities aren’t always on their best behavior. Now comedian, actor, writer and filmmaker Yony Lotan who, inspired by the World Cup, decided to dress up as a soccer referee to keep the people of New York City in line. Lotan is walking around the streets, handing out yellow and red cards to people he believes are committing social faux pas. In reality, the “bad behavior” is more humorous. It makes this the perfect way to manage and monitor people of a hustling and bustling city, especially amidst the hype of the World Cup games…’

Google altered World Cup search results to spare Brazil further humiliation

The question is: Was that legit?
‘If you love Brazilian futebol, this has been an especially tough week; that devastating loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals was a shock to fans used to victory. Thankfully for you, Google feels your pain. The internet giant has revealed to NPR that its experimental social newsroom for the Cup avoided covering some of the bigger Brazilian search trends during the lopsided match, such as “shame,” because they were simply too negative. As producer Sam Clohesy explains, the decision was motivated both by a desire to go viral as well as pure sympathy. People tend not to respond well to bad news on social networks, and Google would rather not “rub salt into the wounds”, unlike a regular news outlet, it has more incentive to write about cheerful happenings than calamities…’


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