Flight 17 Grave Robbers in Facebook

This photo was another case of grave robbing in Poland

This photo was another case of grave robbing in Poland

‘In a sick revelation, scammers have set up fake Facebook profiles using the identities of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 victims amid claims that credit cards may have been stolen from the crash site.

‘On Friday, Ukrainian MP Anton Gerashchenko said via his Facebook page that “death hunters” were collecting cash, jewelry and the credit cards of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777, which was shot down over eastern Ukraine on Thursday.

‘”My humble request to the relatives of the victims to freeze their credit cards, so that they won’t lose their assets to terrorists!” Gerashchenko said in the post…’
Post by Anton Gerashchenko

Another dumb ‘Facebook’ criminal
Woman steals dress then shows off dress in Facebook
Facebook led police to thief within hours
‘Police say 27-year-old Danielle Saxton stole from a downtown boutique last week. Then, she posted pictures of herself wearing the merchandise. Investigators say Saxton shared the pics just a few hours after the theft. The images quickly spread on Facebook, and led officers straight to her.

‘“What she stole was a very distinct leopard dress,” store co-owner Kert Williams explained.

‘Police say the pictures are evidence of shoplifting committed by Saxton. The theft happened at Mortie’s Boutique in West Frankfort, where multiple items disappeared last Friday.

‘“[She stole] A dress, a couple shirts, some jewelry, couple items like that,” Williams said.

‘Williams was heading back to work last week when he saw a woman walking away from the store with those clothes…’
wsil tv

A real case of ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’
Couple Could Be Fined $500 if They Water Lawn, $500 if They Don’t
‘After a Glendora couple decided that they’d water their lawn only twice a week, which left it with brown patches and bald spots, they received a letter from the city’s code enforcement unit warning them to turn their grass green again or face $100 to $500 in fines and possible criminal action, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. The letter said that despite the need to conserve water, “we wish to remind you that limited watering is still required to keep landscaping looking healthy and green.” And the city helpfully included some pictures of bad and good examples: a dead lawn with a red line through it and a lush, green lawn with a sprinkler running…’
la times

Daly City fugitive nabbed through Facebook after 22 years
‘Legaspi, formerly of Daly City, was originally indicted Aug. 19, 1992, on three counts of aiding and filing false quarterly employment tax returns for Mission Childcare Consortium. In 1989, Legaspi claimed to have made $37,442.12 in federal tax deposits although the consortium had actually made only $10,715.68 for the quarter. In 1989, he similarly claimed $46,422.24 in compensation for tax purposes while the truth was $143,679.40. On another occasion, Legaspi also misrepresented the compensation and taxation, according to the indictment.

‘That November, he pleaded guilty to one count and was due to be sentenced Jan. 28, 1993. He never showed up and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

‘In 2012, the Bureau of Diplomatic Security tracked down Legaspi’s Facebook page and found him living in London, Ontario, Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested Legaspi…’


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