Is MH17 Journo Guilty of Tainting Crime (Crash) Scene?

mashable-abc-crash6Australian Journalist Criticised for Touching MH17 Victims’ Belongings

‘Following allegations that pro-Russian rebels may have “severely compromised” the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine, journalists have been caught touching victims’ belongings.

‘Williams defended his actions by saying the crime scene had already been contaminated by the rebels looting and trashing the crash site.

‘“I am guilty of picking up, touching a scarf on the ground, and that’s because there are piles of people’s belongings that have just been collected and dumped on the roadside; they’ve been picked through, and so it’s not as though it’s a crime scene, an uncontaminated crime scene there,” Williams told the ABC’s PM program on Monday night…’


UK definition of terrorism ‘could catch political journalists and bloggers’

‘The current British definition of terrorism is so broadly drawn that it could even catch political journalists and bloggers who publish material that the authorities consider dangerous to public safety, said the official counter-terrorism watchdog.

‘David Anderson QC, the official reviewer of counter-terrorism laws, said Britain had some of the most extensive anti-terrorism laws in the western world, which gave police and prosecutors the powers they needed to tackle al-Qaida-inspired terrorists, rightwing extremists and dissident Northern Irish groups.

‘”But if these exceptional powers are to command public consent, it is important they need to be confined to their proper purpose, and recent years have seen a degree of ‘creep’ in parliament that could be reversed without diminishing their impact”…’


$10 million lawsuit against Wikipedia editors withdrawn

Only a “strategic” move so that they can refile the lawsuit

‘On the same day the Wikimedia Foundation announced it would offer assistance to English Wikipedia editors embroiled in a legal dispute with Yank Barry, the lawsuit has been dismissed without prejudice at the request of Barry’s legal team—but only as a “strategic” move so that they can refile the lawsuit with a “new, more comprehensive complaint.”

‘Barry, who was a musician in the 1960s and 70s before becoming an entrepreneur and philanthropist, launched the action against five editors who he alleges participated in a “conspiracy” to “engage in the wrongful acts of defamation and invasion of privacy” against him and his charity, the Global Village Champions Foundation, which is also a named plaintiff…’


July 17, 1996.

TWA Flight 800, a Boeing 747, left JFK airport on its way to Paris.

It didn’t make it.

Many expert witnesses saw white streaks heading towards the plane. Radar operators saw an object heading towards the plane.

Then the plane exploded catastrophically in mid air.

The radar also captured another image: a ship right beneath the explosion.

That ship took off at high speed away from the scene of the accident and was never included in the official report.

What did the FBI do? They ignored some witnesses and intimidated others.

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