100 Millionth Philippine Baby Welcome?

Bet that most of these infants will grow up on the streets

Bet that most of these infants will grow up on the streets

Why do that? It seems this child will be another one who will grow on the streets a victim of irresponsibility which Filipino parents are famous for
‘“The Commission on Population is today looking at the 100 babies, to be recognized in 100 communities, 19 cities and 81 provinces, who were born at 12:06 this morning or closest to that time,” POPCOM Executive Director Dr. Juan Antonio A. Perez III said. “They will be provided with support to give them a good start.

‘Using the 2010 population projections by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), POPCOM believes, the turning of the Philippine population into 100 million brings both challenges and opportunities for the country “as its socio-economic and political situation grapple to give the citizenry a better quality of life.”…’

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Adults Getting Aware of Food Wastage (Hopefully)
Adults eat 92% of whatever they put on the plate, study finds
‘Seems that most of us take to heart the common admonition to clean our plates, at least when we fill them ourselves.

‘Adults eat nearly 92% of the food they put on their plates, according to research published in the International Journal of Obesity.

‘There were some variations: If people were distracted, they ate less, almost 89% of what they took; they ate 92.8% of meals but only 76.1% of snacks. At home or in a lab, the amount eaten was about the same, and men and women ate the same percentages…’

Just another one
3-year-old driver crashes Jeep, runs home to watch cartoons
‘A 3-year-old boy is accused of climbing into a Jeep, knocking it out of gear, crashing into a nearby house and then running home to watch cartoons. An officer noticed a small boy in a Jeep Wrangler by himself on the 300 block of Northwest Second Street in Myrtle Creek at 7 p.m. Tuesday. After about five minutes and not seeing any adults, the officer approached the child and asked about his parents. The boy said his parents weren’t home, but another relative was asleep in the house, according to a Myrtle Creek police report. Police contacted the relative, identified as 22-year-old Brennan Pennington, and alerted her to the fact that the child had the keys in the Jeep and was able to get inside the vehicle…’

Another one for citizen detectives
Missing Girl’s Return Cloaked in Mystery
‘The most urgent matter, of course, is resolved — Abigail has returned to her family in Conway, N.H. But now a new phase begins in the investigation, as law enforcement officials try to determine where she was, whom she was with, why she vanished, and how she got back.

‘So far, authorities have said that on Sunday night, when Abigail returned, she wore what appear to be the same clothes she had on when she went missing Oct. 9. Officials have also released a sketch of the person they believe drove her away in a pickup truck that day, and say they are reviewing surveillance footage.

‘As the details continue to trickle in, here’s a look at what is known about the case so far…’


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