Pop-Up Shops

npr.org-popup-lease9341_custom-23649f4a7061b11fb8525de9e1192b0d35840380-s4-c85Your rented store could sell clothes one day and food the next

‘Fast-rising mobile technology is making buying stuff with a tap of an app easier than ever, and shifting the way we shop. What were once permanent, brick-and-mortar stores, where shoppers look at items in a physical space, are now often pop-ups first — shops that last for a limited time only.

‘Pop-up shops are temporary retail spaces that spring up in unused premises. Leases can last as short as a single day, when brands use the spaces for a promotional event instead of testing out a market…’

A fast-rising new cab hailing app
While Uber and Lyft are under attack, Easy Taxi rises
Cab hailing app Easy Taxi raises $40M so you catch a ride in more places around the world

‘The Berlin-based company launched in 2011 out of tech incubator Rocket Internet, known for creating clones of successful tech products. Easy Taxi is one of the main go-to apps for people in search of a quick ride in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

‘The company has roughly 185,000 drivers in its network and operates in more than 160 cities worldwide.

‘The company has raised $77 million to date, according to CrunchBase. Russian Phenomen Ventures led this round, with participation from Tengelmann Ventures, the investment arm of German retailer Tengelmann Group. The money will be used to help Easy Taxi capture an even larger share of the market in Latin America and Asia.

The company would be wise to stay out of the U.S., though, where the market is brimming with competition from mobile taxi reservation and ride sharing services like Uber, Hailo, Lyft, and SideCar among others…’

A perfect gift for the blind
A smart footwear instead of a cane
Vibrating Footwear Lets Visually Impaired ‘Feel’ Directions

‘Lechal’s footwear can guide the visually impaired through gentle vibrations, helping them to better navigate their environment with an intuitive and discrete wearable.

“LECHAL began as an academic project and was born out of the simple impulse to use technology to help the visually-impaired navigate their worlds better,” Sonia Benjamin, General Manager of the company, tells PSFK.

‘They are a major improvement upon standard assistive devices which communicate with the user through audio feedback. As the visually impaired depend heavily upon their sense of hearing, this can be very confusing.

‘Instead of using audio, LECHAL footwear interacts with users through haptics, a type of technology that recreates the sensation of touch. Wearers don’t need to listen to a spoken guide, as they can “feel” the directions through the shoes’ vibrations…’


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