CERN’s Parody All-Girl Science Band

Guess what’s so unique about this pic This was the first image uploaded to the web in July 1992.

More facts that make Facebook disgusting
The average Facebooker uses the site 450 hours a year!
‘Facebook, several studies have shown, can negatively impact your life — from relationships to your own well-being. (Even Facebook’s own invasive study, showed that negative posts on a news feed, led to people posting more negative things, which is reason enough to quit.)

‘So what can you do? You can quit, or as the Huffington Post points out, just restrict your daily use.

‘I plastered Post-its to my desk, work computer, home laptop and phone. Each helpfully reminded me, “No Facebook.” Though I didn’t have the courage to remain deactivated for an extended period of time. It was enough to break the endless [news feed] cycle, quell the jolt of happiness triggered with each notification and remove the crushing defeat when “friends” didn’t like your status. I now live comfortably on- and offline…’
BuzzFeed video

Legalized Pot Becomes Food-Safety Headache
When Maureen Dowd overate a pot candy bar and hallucinated, there was warning on the wrapper but she failed to read it

‘The new guidelines, crafted in response to concerns about overconsumption by inexperienced consumers, will do away with bite-sized products that pack in 100 milligrams of the psychoactive chemical THC — the maximum allowed by state law.

‘Products still may contain up to 100 milligrams of THC, but they must be easily broken off into pieces that have 10 milligrams or fewer — the standardized edible serving size under state law.

‘In another change, manufacturers will be required to put single-serving edibles in child-resistant packaging before shipping them to stores, instead of relying on stores to provide the packaging as customers leave with their purchases…’

Why Picasso Likes Dust
But dust ruins our computers so I don’t like it
‘In a passage from Hungarian photographer Brassaï’s 1964 gem Conversations with Picasso, Picasso marvels the news of an excavation in which archeologists preserved a cross-section more than ten feet high, containing multiple layers built over the millennia. When Brassaï notes how moving it is that “in a glance, you can take in thousands of years of history,” Picasso responds enthusiastically:

‘”I always forbade everyone to clean my studios, dust them, not only for fear they would disturb my things, but especially because I always counted on the protection of dust. It’s my ally. I always let it settle where it likes. It’s like a layer of protection. When there’s dust missing here or there, it’s because someone has touched my things. I see immediately someone has been there. And it’s because I live constantly with dust, in dust, that I prefer to wear gray suits, the only color on which it leaves no trace…”‘


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