Why Twitter Should Love Asia Most

unixmen-twitter-felizTwitter Has More Users in Asia Than North America (And That Gap is Getting Wider)
‘Slightly less than a quarter of all Twitter users – about 60 million profiles – are based in the U.S., a number which was risen by 50 percent since the third quarter of 2012.

‘Not bad. However, what this means is that three-quarters of Twitter users worldwide are based outside of North America, which isn’t even the number one region on that platform.

‘That honour belongs to the Asia Pacific, which represents about 32.8 percent of Twitter users in 2014, rising to more than 40 percent in the next four years. By 2018, the U.S. is expected to account for just one in five Twitter profiles, followed by Western Europe (14.2 percent) and Latin America (11.2 percent)…’

Do You Have These Three Reasons to Hate Your Facebook ‘Friends’?
‘This post is about Facebook ‘friends’; and the loss of common manners when it comes to sharing content on social media.

‘I am finding this increasingly frustrating with my professional network since, like many people, I operate one account in Facebook for all of the various social groups in my life. Below are the three reasons I seriously dislike some of my Facebook friends; and yeah I realise some of these can also apply to Instagram and Twitter too…’
Number 1 – Making photos of me public

LinkedIn to Pay $6 Million in Unpaid Wages and Damages
‘The U.S. Department of Labor said an investigation found LinkedIn Corp. in violation of overtime and record-keeping rules that are part of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. It said the violations occurred at company branches in California, Illinois, Nebraska and New York.

‘A representative for Mountain View, California-based LinkedIn did not immediately respond to a message for comment.

‘LinkedIn agreed to pay the back wages once it was notified of the violations and to take steps to prevent them from happening again.

‘Federal law requires that hourly employees get paid 1.5 times their regular hourly rates for hours they work beyond 40 per week…’

Pirate eBooks from Amazon Instead of Buying
Chrome Extension Turns Amazon Into a Pirate eBook Site
Just be careful if you’re not a techie. Plugins are easy virus carriers

‘With a new Chrome extension pirates are entering Amazon, effectively transforming it into a pirate ‘store.’

‘When the LibGen extension is installed, it adds a new row on top of the Amazon product page of books that are also available through unauthorized sources.

‘The plugin uses data from the Libgen.org search engine which lists over a million books. Below is a screenshot of an Amazon book page, with a new row on the top linking to pirated downloads of the same title.

‘There are still other extensions floating around with the same functionality. Torrent This, for example, enhances Amazon with links to Pirate Bay download pages for all sorts of media, much like the “Pirates of the Amazon” plugin did…’


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