Facebook Gets Famous Dog a Rich Owner [Video]

dailymail.co-article-2713649-2031AECC00000578-751_634x844Labrador walks 30 miles to family who rejected her; gets adopted by heiress

‘The recently-famous aging black Labrador walked 30 miles back to his Kansas family and then left on a private jet to her new home in Florida.

‘Formerly called “Ma Kettle,” the black Labrador that walked back home 30 miles to the family who did not want her anymore got adopted by a heiress in Florida and is now called “Lady.”

‘Lady was dropped off at the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter when her owner died 2 years ago, 2012. Since then, Kelsey Loyd has cared for her at the shelter.

‘Cindy Barclay Powell heard about Lady’s story and posted about the Labrador she called Ma on Facebook.

“‘The senior lab walked nearly 30 miles to come home. Is there anyone out there who can give this girl a home? She may not have many years left. She is spayed, house broken, leash trained, mellow, having problems walking (so her travels back to Sedan amazed me),” Powell wrote online.

‘The post about Lady was shared nearly 7,000 times across Facebook.

‘Her story eventually reached Helen Rich, an heiress to the Wrigley gum company. Rich lives in Florida where she owns an animal sanctuary…’

Proof of Insane Facebook Addicts
Facebook users flooded 911 operators with distress calls during the FB outage

‘It turns out that Los Angeles residents flooded emergency operators with emergency calls after the popular social networking site Facebook went down on Friday morning.

‘Well, officials were not happy over it and they’re hoping there’s no repeat of the ‘panic attack’ which seemingly gripped a lot of netizens when they found out they can’t open their FBs accounts.

‘Sergeant Burton Brink of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s tweet at 12.37 p.m. apparently quickly went viral, and received nearly 3,800 retweets and more than 1,800 favorites as of Monday evening…’

Mobile Traffic To News Sites Dropped 8.5% During Facebook Outage
‘Facebook’s brief outage Friday was annoying to many, including apparently the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, but it was useful for people interested in the social network’s impact on web traffic.

‘Chartbeat, which provides real-time analytics for web publishers, found that overall traffic on news sites fell 3% during the outage, which started at about noon Eastern time and lasted less than an hour. Entrances to news sites from mobile devices fell 8.5% during the downtime, according to Chartbeat, re-confirming Facebook’s major role in driving mobile traffic to online publishers…’


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