A Perfect Case of ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’

thedailymirror-LeandroDigging up the past could ruin your life
Couple’s search for each long lost mother yields shocking discovery – they’re siblings

‘Both of them were abandoned when they were still babies. They also know their mothers shared the same name – Maria. But neither of them ever imagined they are searching for the same woman, and that they’re actually brother and sister.

‘Adriana and Leandro have been living together for seven years, although not legally married, and the couple has a six-year-old daughter. Adriana works as a cosmetic sales woman while Leandro is a truck driver.

‘Adriana, now 39, was abandoned by her mother when she was still a 1-year-old baby. Her own father raised her alone.

‘The 37-year-old Leandro, on the other hand, found out when he was 8 years old that the woman he came to know as his mother while growing up in Sao Paolo was actually his stepmom.

‘Both have since tried looking for their estranged mothers.

‘Adriana left Sao Paolo to work as a housemaid in another town. She got married later and had three children. But the marriage lasted only 15 years, after which she decided to come back to Sao Paolo…’

Sugar Now the Wonder Drug
It can banish leg ulcers
‘At one point he was even referred to a psychiatrist for a mental health assessment, such was the psychological toll. But last year Derek stumbled across a ‘cure’ that sounds so implausible most health professionals would understandably laugh at the idea: sugar.

‘Ordinary, granulated white sugar – the sort we put in our tea, that costs less than 40p a pound – has proved to be an unlikely remedy.

‘Poured on to Derek’s weeping wounds, it took a little over a month to heal what costly treatments failed to fix in a decade.

‘Sugar poured on to Derek’s weeping wounds took a little over a month to heal

‘Today Derek’s legs are completely healed, though badly scarred, and he hasn’t had an ulcer in almost 18 months. His wheelchair has been stowed away, he is pain-free, and can walk and even swim…’
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Drone Crashes and Pollutes Yellowstone National Park‘s Largest Hot Spring

It was good that the National Park Service announced in June that it was prohibiting unmanned aircraft from all park service-controlled lands and waters—the owner of the drone could be sued.

‘Authorities at Yellowstone National Park are investigating reports that a tourist crashed a drone into the Grand Prismatic Spring, the park’s largest hot spring, on Saturday.

‘The tourist approached a park employee about getting the drone back after losing it in the almost 200-feet deep hot spring. The employee let the tourist go without initially reporting the incident to authorities.

“‘I don’t think the person who they spoke with realized that drones couldn’t be flown in the park or the implications of what they were being told,” Amy Bartlett, spokesperson for Yellowstone National Park, told CNN…’


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