Lessons From The Checkout Line

cradlepoint-Grocery_line_Skeleton‘…The other day my wife asked me to run some errands and on the way back, pick up dinner. It sounded easy enough but it must have been bad timing. I ended up stuck in a throng of people on every aisle. The further I went down my shopping list the more it felt like my wife had set me up. This was a prison sentence, not a quick trip to the store! Determined to get through the task, I fought the mob and could finally see daylight. I quickly learned just because I was in line, it didn’t mean I was free.

‘Stuck there I started thinking about the humorous similarities between a super market check-out line and real life…’
Here are a few of Early Jackson’s musings:

5 Terrifying Things Only Truckers Know About the Highway
‘We don’t spend much time thinking about truckers, which is strange considering that everything we eat, wear, and plug into our walls was at one point entrusted to their care. Well, Cracked tracked down Donec Quis and Mallory Spline, two of these noble “freeway cowboys,” to ask them what it’s like to be the platelets that carry nutrients down the arteries of America. After they corrected us (apparently plasma cells carry nutrients, and “freeway cowboys” is the dumbest thing they’ve ever heard), we discovered that …’
#1. Truckers Are Paid by the Mile, and That Is Insanely Dangerous
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Elderly Woman Beats up 2 Male Robbers
2 male snatchers no match to elderly woman and her cane
‘…As the jeepney passes by Samson Road, Basal snatched the shoulder bag of Linaro containing HP Pavilion Notebook, iPhone 5 and Sony Xperia, wallet containing P4,000, some identification cards (IDs) and some pieces of jewelry. Bernabe saw the incident and immediately reacted by hitting the snatcher with her cane repeatedly.

‘Due to the old woman’s action, the snatcher fell from the moving jeepney. At that instance, Santos, the other suspect, tried to get his gun and poke it at the old woman and the call center agent. But before Santos could use his gun, the old woman hit his hand and head hard with her cane…’


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