Trolling of Zelda Williams Triggers Suspension of Twitter and Facebook Accounts

justjared-zelda-williams-old-dogs-01Robin Williams’ daughter swears off social media after trolls trash her Twitter

‘Although most of the world expressed its condolences and well-wishes to the daughter of Robin Williams, cruel posts by trolls on her Twitter account has forced her to step away from her social media accounts indefinitely.

‘Zelda, 25, the daughter of Williams and Fil-American philanthropist Marsha Garces, announced that she was taking an indefinite leave from her Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts after receiving cruel comments and pictures of her late father on social media.

‘One of the pictures contained a doctored image of Williams’ corpse.

Wikimedia turns its back on the open internet
‘Wikipedia’s vision is “a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.” It’s a value that we at Access share. So we were shocked last week when the Wikimedia Foundation, which supports and hosts Wikipedia, turned its back on the greatest driver of open access to information the world has ever known, the open internet.

‘In a blog post, the foundation’s Deputy Director Erik Moeller promoted a relatively new offering, Wikipedia Zero, a partnership with telecom companies to provide access to Wikipedia free of charge. The idea is to overcome the prohibitively expensive data charges that contribute to keeping many people around the world offline. In making the case for Zero, Moeller argued that the Wikimedia Foundation is committed to net neutrality — the notion that all online data should be treated equally — and that Zero doesn’t violate this fundamental concept of the open internet. We respectfully disagree. We believe that Zero clearly violates net neutrality and is an attack on the future of the open internet…’

How Do You Identify a Social Media Expert?
‘As social media has expanded into the immense communications platform it is today, along with that growth has come thousands of people claiming to be social media ‘experts’. Most in the field avoid such labels – to call yourself an expert in such an evolving and ever-changing landscape can be risky, and either way, if you are an expert, you probably don’t need to label yourself, others will do that for you. But that hasn’t stopped some, and while there are, of course, quite a few social media types who are experts who rightfully stake that claim, many are not. So how do you know who’s who? How do you sort the wheat from the chaff and establish who possesses genuine expertise, as opposed to those who just say it? Here’s a few queries and questions to ask when assessing a person’s social media presence to get some determination of their right to their ‘social media expert’ claims:…’


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