Westboro Targets Robin Williams’ Funeral

says-it--demoFundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church will picket Williams funeral just because he played a gay man in film The Birdcage

‘An American extremist family church group has announced its intention to picket the forthcoming funeral of actor Robin Williams, who killed himself at his home in the San Francisco area last Monday.

‘The Westboro Baptist Church, an unaffiliated, fundamentalist Christian group whose chief aim is to preach while aggressively protesting any acceptance of homosexuality, declared its plans on the Twitter website on Saturday.

‘The vociferous Kansas-based fringe group is notorious for staging high-profile protests at military and other funerals, carrying offensive signs promising damnation to gays and lesbians and any individuals or nations that tolerate them in any way…’

Raising a Child? Save $245K for it
‘A child born in 2013 will drain an average of $245,340 from his or her middle-class parents over the kid’s first 18 years on Earth, a federal study revealed on Monday.

‘And that doesn’t even include the cost of college.

‘The figure is up $4,260, or almost 2 percent, from the year before, according to the report from the annual United States Department of Agriculture.

‘Factoring in inflation, the total cost will turn out to be closer to $340,480 in actual greenbacks spent.

‘The latest figures blow away results from the study’s first year, in 1960, when a middle-class household spent about $25,230 — or $198,560 in 2013 dollars — to raise a child until age 18…’

Solar Power Plant Burns Birds in Mid-air
Thousands of birds are igniting mid-air. What’s solar got to do with it?
‘At the $2.2 billion Ivanpah solar installation in California’s Mojave Desert, telltale plumes of smoke curl above the plant’s hyper-concentrated rays. According to federal wildlife officials, these smoke bombs are too big to be caused by insects or bits of trash. Nope — they’re the result of unlucky birds that actually ignite in mid-air.

‘Federal wildlife investigators who checked out the solar thermal plant last year report seeing about one singed bird every two minutes. Now, they’re calling on California officials to halt progress on a similar project until there can be further study of Ivanpah’s avian impact. (And its track record with tortoises isn’t that great, either.) So far, the results don’t look pretty: Current bird death toll estimates run as high as 28,000 a year…’


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