Robots Cook in this Restaurant

psfk-Robots-restaurant-kunshan-700x468Do Robots Really Steal Our Jobs?

‘Robot usage in the global manufacturing industry has been climbing steadily since 2009, the MIT Technology Review reports.

‘Sourcing World Robotics, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the OECD, MIT found that robotic worker purchases increase every year. However, a closer look at the numbers indicates that robots aren’t taking jobs directly from human counterparts.

‘It’s hard to tell, but here’s a theory: when the economy is bad and sales are down, increased efficiency from robots keeps struggling auto industries afloat. When the economy is good and sales are up, robots and people both increase in number to meet demand. Robots require maintenance and oversight from humans, so if anything, more robots ought to mean more people when the economy demands it…’

Isn’t it ironic that while robots don’t steal our jobs, hi-tech inventions do?

‘A rapidly evolving Chinese workforce is being infiltrated with automated machines. While manual labor jobs were some of the first to be replaced with robots, the futuristic technology is making its way into the food industry.

‘A restaurant in Eastern Chinese city of Kunshan, is using more than a dozen robots as part of its everyday staff. The automated employees greet customers, carry food trays to tables, stir-fry vegetables, and cook fresh dumplings.

‘To carry out their duties, the robots have been equipped with limited artificial intelligence. Those in the kitchen are loaded with fresh ingredients and are left to whip up the hot meals…’

A Taxi with Karaoke Sing-along
Pinoy makes bigger name in the US for his Karaoke Cab
‘…Like most Filipinos, cab driver Joel Laguidao also loves to sing. The Red Top Cab Co. driver loves it so much that he installed his own portable karaoke machine in his cab, inviting passengers to sing along. He is also one to be remembered by his passengers as he has quite a remarkable singing voice as can be heard on the video below.

‘Laguidao’s entertaining karaoke cab earned him recognition and he was featured in the Washington Post and the US National Public Radio (NPR) website. He also made it to Today Show. Likewise, he made co-Filipinos proud. He became a celebrity in a different way…’


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