Can Books be Really Hazardous to Your Health?

en.wikipedia-50ShadesofGreyCoverArtStudy says reading Fifty Shades of Grey poses dangerous health risks
It wouldn’t be so surprising if the books are Health or Fitness books. An author of a jogging and running book died while he himself was jogging.

‘A recent study at Michigan State University found out that reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ an erotic romantic novel by E.L. James, puts women at more risk of succumbing to eating disorders, binge drinking and abusive relationships.

‘The findings of the scientists claim that they are not endorsing the ban for the novel, but are merely stating the risks of reading the book.

‘There have been previous studies relating the effects of watching violent films to the behavior of the person who watches it, but this research is among the first to analyze the relationship between health risks and popular fiction depicting violence against women.

‘Fifty Shades of Grey is about the deepening relationship between a literature graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business tycoon, Christian Grey. The predicament of the story lies on the extreme fondness of Christian Grey to sadism and masochism, resulting to physical violence and emotional torture of Anastasia Steele…’

The Perils of Writing About True Crimes
There was a writer who wrote about a prisoner and ridiculed him. The writer was later ‘found shot mob execution style and stashed in a hollow tree in East Orange NJ.’. Now I don’t know if the writer knew whom he was writing about—which is easy to guess. Do you know of any other perils in writing about true crimes?

Actually, I like writing about dumb criminals and making fun of it. But to my knowledge, I haven’t written about organized crime goons yet. Maybe the case above will deter me now. Just maybe.

CNN iReport on CDC whistleblower spreads like wildfire, then censored
‘On August 22, a user named Bobby Dee posted a CNN iReport about the CDC whistleblower who states he cooked data to hide a vaccine-autism connection.

‘CNN iReports aren’t official CNN stories. They’re “user generated news…opinions belong to the submitter.”

‘Well, Bobby’s submission, as Celia Farber reports at, rocketed to 45,232 views in a matter of hours. 178 comments, 17 thousand shares.

‘Then it was axed, removed, deleted.

‘CNN printed the usual tired explanation. The iReport had been “flagged.” It was “in violation of iReport’s policy.”…’


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