How Translation Amplifies Ideas

harpersbazaar-hbz-Geena-Rocero-promo-xln‘Shortly after model Geena Rocero gave the TED Talk “Why I must come out,” she was Skyping with an LGBTQ activist in Hong Kong. This activist mentioned how powerful it would be for Chinese speakers to be able to watch the talk. Rocero logged on to to find out how she could get her talk translated. To her surprise, she found that Chinese subtitles were already live—along with subtitles in Hebrew, Romanian, Thai, Vietnamese and Spanish.

‘Today, Rocero’s talk is available in 28 languages. And as she travels the world speaking about LGBTQ issues with her organization Gender Proud, she sees the impact of that. “The places I’m going, there’s either no law at all about how you can change your name and gender marker on your legal documents, or a lot of steps before you can do it,” says Rocero. “People are becoming aware of the law that exists in the United States. Suddenly, they’re asking, ‘How come I can’t have that right?’ People are realizing that they can demand these rights.”…’ more


Discuss Photos at 500px

‘We are very excited to announce the launch of Groups and Discussions, currently in beta! Groups and Discussions are a way for like-minded members of the 500px community to contribute their thoughts and opinions around specific creative topics. With this beta launch, we are giving access to the following features:…’



‘If You’re Texting, You Ain’t Driving’ [Video]

Are you intexticated?

‘…According to CTV News Kitchener, drivers in Ontario could soon face much stiffer penalties for texting behind the wheel, as the governing Liberals are set to reintroduce a bill that would boost the maximum fine to $1,000.

‘Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) said earlier this year that distracted driving was becoming the No. 1 killer on the roads; accounting for more deaths in 2013 than impaired or speed-related incidents in crashes they investigated.

‘Well, the warning goes for other countries, too, for sure; considering that the world has become ‘intexticated’, as reported in Online ‘In a survey by AT&T, almost half of adults admitted to texting while driving, compared to a slightly smaller number of teens who fessed up to the same thing…’ more


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Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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2 Responses to How Translation Amplifies Ideas

  1. DigitalPlato says:

    Well…an intersection could be the worst place to multitask while moving forward! Thanks Ian.


  2. One of my pet dislikes is the driver at an intersection busily at work on a mobile, and only partly looking where (s)he is going, and with at best one hand devoted to the task.

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