Why Twitter is Problematic with Japan

twitter fail image

twitter fail image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Japan’s synchronized tweets are like a massive denial-of-service attack and crashes Twitter
‘When the New Year arrives or even as they watch certain moments in shows and movies broadcast on national television, tens of thousands of Japanese will tweet at practically the same instant. “Everyone tweets at the New Year, but the Japanese are more in-sync,” says Hashemi, who, as Twitter’s director of site reliability engineering, works to make sure its mini-messaging service stays in good working order. “They do it at exactly midnight.”

‘This provides a small window into the unique culture of the Japanese, known for exhibiting a certain type of conformity, but there was a time when it was also an enormous problem for Twitter. As the year 2012 arrived in Japan, the country’s synchronized tweets crashed Twitter’s entire service, worldwide. It was 3pm in Britain when the site went belly-up…’

British Queen Elizabeth ‘Dismayed’ Over Selfies
‘UK’s Mirror reports Queen Elizabeth II has spoken about her “dismay” over the selfie craze. She reportedly doesn’t like being welcomed by people with their mobile phones looking to have a selfie with the monarch while she is out on royal meetings.

‘The queen reportedly expressed her disappointment in a conversation with the U.S. Ambassador Matthew Barzun during his visit to Buckingham Palace in November. The 43-year-old ambassador reportedly revealed in an interview with Tatler magazine how selfies affect the monarch during her engagements…’

4 Unusual Ways Of Monetizing Your Creative Content
‘Are you a creative person? Perhaps you’re a fiction author, or an investigative journalist. Perhaps you like to write songs and perform them online. Perhaps you’re an artist taking breathtaking photographs, or creating amazing graphics that you then share on your Tumblr. Thanks to the Internet, it has never been easier to share your creative oeuvres with the world.

‘But what if you’re not just a blogger? What if you’re a programmer, or a videographer, or a musician?

‘If so, this article is for you. Here are 4 of the best ways to monetize content you’ve probably never thought of…’
4 ways

How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Publishing Exposure
‘Have you tried LinkedIn’s publishing feature? Do you want more people to see your business articles? LinkedIn publishing gives you the opportunity to reach members of the biggest professional audience in the social sphere.

‘In this article I’ll share five tips for optimizing your content for LinkedIn publishing…’


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