Should Cyborgs Have the Same Privacy Rights As Humans?

2706701983_dc3d66fb8a_b-worldtruthA cyborg is someone with an e-tattoo or an implanted biochip. If he/she commits a crime, and evidence of that crime exists on that device within them, do they have a legal right to protect that evidence? Do cyborgs have the same rights as humans?

‘It’s an open question, but, perhaps surprisingly, it’s one that the Supreme Court has already sort of tackled. Earlier this summer, Chief Justice John Roberts, in the case of Riley v. California wrote that “modern cell phones… are now such a pervasive and insistent part of daily life that the proverbial visitor from Mars might conclude they were an important feature of human anatomy.”

‘In that case, the Supreme Court ruled cops couldn’t search a cell phone without a warrant. Our cell phones don’t make us cyborgs, but there’s a fine line between the data contained on a cell phone, which is always on our body, and the data contained gathered by an e-tattoo, an implantable chip, or, hell, even a pacemaker…’

How to read e-books on a $20 cell phone
Tips for the cash-strapped and plain adventurous
‘When I ran across $20 cell phones on Amazon, I couldn’t resist buying one to see if I could read e-books on it. Yes, I could—hour after hour.

‘I’ll never confuse this econo-phone with an iPad Air or upscale Kindle Fire. But e-books and affordable smartphones like the $20 model could help narrow both the digital and book divides in many countries…’

Camping Made Easier
Compostable, Single-Use Festival Tents Made from Biodegradable Materials

‘With the summer comes festivals, and with festivals, comes lots of waste. Tents that get used for a few days and then discarded are no exception, which is why Netherlands-based PSSSH! have developed a compostable two-person tent perfect for all your festival needs. Even better, festival-goers were able to save themselves a lot of effort by collecting their One Nights Tent after arriving at a festival – and then leaving it there when they were done.

‘The tent looks like any other, but it does away with unnecessary (and non-biodegradable) components. A good example is the lack of zips – which also means getting out to pee has never been easier. Despite it’s low price of €39.99 ($51.82), One Nights Tent is completely waterproof, and features a double-wall construction for improved ventilation and comfort compared to other low-cost options…’

Coursera eLearning Platform has Privacy Problem
by Jonathan Mayer, a computer scientist and lawyer at Stanford

‘I’m excited to be teaching Stanford Law’s first Coursera offering this fall, on government surveillance. In preparation, I’ve been extensively poking around the platform; while I found some snazzy features, I also stumbled across a few security and privacy issues.

‘Any teacher can dump the entire user database, including over nine million names and email addresses. If you are logged into your Coursera account, any website that you visit can list your course enrollments.

‘Coursera’s privacy-protecting user IDs don’t do much privacy protecting…’


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