Can Known Compete with WordPress or Blogspot?

This photo won the Grand Prize in a UN Photo Competition
see link below

IndieWeb advocates launch Known so bloggers can be social and still control their content
‘Does the world really need a new blogging platform? Haven’t we already moved beyond that, thanks to platforms like Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus? Perhaps — but not everyone believes that’s a good thing. Some early bloggers have moved back to personal publishing in recent weeks, and now advocates of the so-called “indie web” are launching open-source blogging software called Known, which is designed to give everyone a fully open publishing platform.

‘Known provides what looks like a regular blog, but with a variety of open-source standards and plugins that allows users to cross-post or distribute their status updates, photos, videos and other content to networks like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr with a single click. They can also pull comments or responses from those networks back into their blog, using an open standard called WebMentions…’

Google Drive and the Docs editors: designed with everyone in mind
‘Imagine trying to keep track of another person’s real-time edits in a document—using only your ears. Or trying to create a table from spreadsheet data—without being able to clearly see the cells. Whether you’re backing up a file in Drive or crunching some numbers in Sheets, it should be easy to bring your ideas to life using Google’s tools. But if you’re blind or have low vision, you may need to rely on assistive technologies such as screen readers and Braille displays—and that can make working in the cloud challenging. While screen readers can parse static webpages (like this blog) relatively easily, it’s much harder for them to know what to say in interactive applications like Google Docs because the actions they need to describe are much more complex…’

Local news anchor makes offensive Aeta joke on TV, earns ire of netizens
This Abile is arrogant and shameless. He should be delivered to the Aeta tribe and be left there.
‘In a Bigwas segment on TV22, a local station in Olongapo City, Abile seems to be asking his listeners what exotic item they wish to taste, reports blog site Toongaw. A few seconds into the short clip, however, he joked that a friend of his said that he wants to taste something exotic: an Aeta!

‘The joke was not just a discrimination against the Aeta tribe, but also a green joke; something that sparked the anger of the locals. The Aeta tribe is believed to be the first to inhabit the Philippines, but their number has long dwindled because of the arrival of other settlers who pushed them out of their lands…’

Filipino wins the Grand Prize in a UN Photo Competition
Ronnie Dayo is a musician working at an international hotel chain in Gyeongju, Korea. He was declared the overall winner of the “2014 Focus on Your World” International Environmental Photo Competition by the UN. His piece, “Fire” shows two silhouetted people trying to extinguish a raging fire.


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