How to Protect your Metadata Information About Your Information
‘What if someone could tell that you were going to have credit problems before you knew? Could they deny your loan or quote you higher interest rates? What if someone knew that you were having medical problems even before you knew? Could they use that to deny you insurance? What if you’ve been talking with someone who DOES have something to hide? Could you get lumped in with them if they get arrested?

‘You are correct, they do need a warrant. But they don’t need a warrant to get information, or metadata, about your mail, e-mail, or phone calls. You WILL be surprised what someone can tell you about you just from something as seemingly insignificant as who sent you an e-mail, to whom you sent an e-mail, when the e-mails were sent and how many e-mails there are between you and your contact. All that information is available without a warrant…’

Can free speech and money matters work together?
The inevitable clash between free speech and a desire for funding
‘…It’s more a cruel coincidence than outright irony, but Reddit finds itself this week at the confluence of two streams, and both of them sum up the site in different ways — one pointing towards the past, and one towards the future. At the same time that the site has come under fire for its role in distributing stolen nude photos of celebrities, it is also rumored to be working on a venture financing round that could value the company at more than half a billion dollars. Will Reddit’s desire for funding trump its legendary commitment to free speech?

‘Remaining committed to free speech is hard enough when the speech you are trying to protect is violent or homophobic or repulsive in a number of other ways, but it becomes exponentially more difficult when you have investors with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line breathing down your neck. Will Reddit start to water down its commitment, in the hope that it can bridge those two divides without losing its soul? Or will it be forced to mimic Facebook, which routinely removes photos of women breast-feeding and never says why?…’

The WikiLeaks Spy Files
You can easily search the files now and become an anonymous whistleblower
‘WikiLeaks released the final batch of leaked Spy Files in September 2013. The files disclose internal documents from more than 100 companies specialized in intelligence and (mass) surveillance technologies, who sell their services to Western governments and various dictatorial regimes alike.

‘There wasn’t an easy way to search and explore all of these documents, so Silk created the WikiLeaks Spy Files site for this purpose. You can now use the Silk to search through all leaked company documents and subjects tracked by WLCIU from filterable tables, clicking on each one for its specific facts and visualizations…’
the files


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