Race is Just a Sensitivity Issue

funnyjunk-Racist+Cookies.+Oreos+looks+weird+now.+Oreos.+Oreos.+OREOS_35e4ac_3654803Which had it worse: the Black Slavery or the Jew Holocaust? Why is it that there’s only one Race that’s always crying ‘racism!’ all over the Web?

Even Food Being Used for Racial Metaphors
‘…Michael Steele, the black former head of the Republican Party, likes to tell a (probably apocryphal) story about how a Democratic sympathizer threw Oreos at him while he gave a campaign speech.

‘What about white folks who are something else on the inside? If you’re “Asian on the inside,” you’re an egg. White on the outside but black on the inside? You’re a snowball. Asian on the outside but black on the inside? Gelt. If you’re a Native person who thinks she’s Barack Obama on the inside? Dragonfruit. (Okay. So we might have made those last two up.)

‘But Matt Thompson, our Code Switch teammate (and, heh, boss), argued that eggs might make more sense as a descriptor of East Asian folks who “act white”; after all, it’s their presumed cultural performance that’s front-facing and that folks are responding to. We looked at him and blinked. “Dude, we’re talking about racist food here. You’re really overthinking this.”…’

Insensitive Facebook Request from Youtube Sensation Gets Bashed
Jamich gets hated instead for “iPon para sa iPhone 6 Plus” FB post
‘When Apple announced the new phones and the Apple Watch, millions of loyal fans expressed their excitement and hopes of getting these latest gadgets the moment these hit the stores sometime this month. So, we could understand why self-confessed loyal iPhone user Jam would be excited, too.

‘Now, why did the ‘iPon para sa iPhone’ anger thousands of netizens?

‘Well, many of them felt cheated because they had given donations for Jam’s cancer treatment because the pair had been actively requesting for kind-hearted donors to share what they can to help their battle.

‘Even the pair’s poor fans, people who didn’t have enough money for an iPhone, had given donations for the cancer treatment. Thus, many netizens believe that Jamich shouldn’t have made the post. Even if he was so excited about the new gadget, is it really necessary to post that on Facebook?…’

‘Rejected Princesses’ Have Stories Worth Telling
‘Theirs are not the kind of stories you find in a Disney princess flick, but they’re in the spotlight on the blog Rejected Princesses. Each week, former DreamWorks animator Jason Porath adds a new illustration and write-up about a woman who is, as the blog says, “too awesome, awful or offbeat for kids’ movies.”

“‘I take women, sort of unsung heroines — usually from history, but a lot from mythology and some from literature — who wouldn’t necessarily make the cut for mainstream animated princess movies, and give them that style,” Porath tells NPR’s Arun Rath. “It’s sort of an alternate-reality glimpse into, ‘What if they got their moment in the sun?’ “…’


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