Kids Need To Learn Digital Literacy Not How To Code

‘The new narrative in education, echoed from Silicon Valley to Washington, D.C., is: “Everyone should learn to code.” But something’s getting lost in translation between technologists and parents of students around the country.

‘Let’s get this out of the way: Not everyone needs to learn how to code. Coding is just one part of the constantly evolving technological landscape.

‘There’s a big difference between learning how to code and having a fundamental understanding of how technology and software operate. Of the two, the latter is way more important for most people.

‘What students—and, really, anyone who wants to function in careers in the future—should learn is how to be digitally literate…’

Apple Users Outraged by U2 Album
There’s a bigger reason why dumping all U2 and Bono albums is good. Bono is supporting the 1%’s New World Order

You, Too, May Want To Delete That U2 Album From iTunes—Here’s How

‘Who wouldn’t love to get free music? That must have been what Apple executives told each other when they green-lit a plan to push U2’s latest album Songs Of Innocence out to the iTunes libraries of its unsuspecting iPhone users last week.

‘Ahem. The answer, it turns out, was plenty of folks—especially younger iPhone owners who have no idea who U2 is. And many have become irate about Apple abruptly breaching the sanctity of their music collection by slipping in unfamiliar songs.

‘If you’re among those who don’t get these not-quite-as-famous-as-Apple-thought Dubliners, we’ve put together a short primer for you—followed by instructions on how to banish them from your iTunes account if you’re so inclined…’

Ant-sized Radios Aim to Connect the World
‘A Stanford engineering team, in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, has built a radio the size of an ant, a device so energy efficient that it gathers all the power it needs from the same electromagnetic waves that carry signals to its receiving antenna – no batteries required.

‘Designed to compute, execute and relay commands, this tiny wireless chip costs pennies to fabricate – making it cheap enough to become the missing link between the Internet as we know it and the linked-together smart gadgets envisioned in the “Internet of Things.”…’

Is a Sidewalk Lane for Texting a Good Idea?
‘Getting stuck behind – or worse, crashing into – a slow-strolling pedestrian who is engrossed in their cellphone is one of the great frustrations of navigating any metropolis in a hurry.

‘With that in mind, National Geographic has introduced separate lanes for cellphone and non-cellphone using pedestrians, at a busy block on Washington DC’s 18th Street.

‘It’s part of a social experiment for the channel’s new Mind Over Masses science series, which ‘uses what we know about human behavior’ to develop ‘interactive solutions to everyday problems.’…’
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