Why Cops Want Your Mobile Phone Data

medium.com-1 rdvq8FzSFlQpG2zq9O-HHALondon’s Future Crime Hot Spots Predicted Using Mobile Phone Data

‘Here’s how it works. The current systems rely on data such as crime statistics and local demographics. The problem with these statistics is that they are difficult and expensive to gather and not regularly updated.

‘By contrast, mobile phone operators can collect data about the owners such as their gender, age and so on and then monitor the location of the phones in real time. It’s not hard to imagine that this kind of data might significantly improve the accuracy of crime prediction models.

‘That’s exactly what Bogomolov and co set out to show. These guys used a dataset about mobile phone users in the centre of London, which they obtained from Telefonica, a European mobile phone company which owns the O2 service in the UK…’

How the physical world is being consumed by software services
‘…With the progress of time, and the advances in technology which that brought, we saw a shift – a device wasn’t just a machine any more, or rather a machine was sometimes more than one device. Often prompted by the Open-Source-brew-it-yourself movement there was a change from dedication of all the resources of a device to a single function to excess capability of a device being used to achieve another function.

‘What that meant was that rather than necessarily buying a router AND a firewall, both tasks could be achieved by purchasing a single device and running virtual versions of those devices…’

College students learning COBOL make more money
When I studied IBM’s RPGII, COBOL was its rival
‘…Just by chance, Prof. Kappelman saw my ITworld blog titled COBOL will Outlive Us All and contacted me to tell me about a joint venture that UNT has with IBM and how his graduates get high-paying jobs with major US corporations that have COBOL based applications running within their data centers.

‘He said that many years ago they took COBOL out of the department’s Business Computer Information Systems (BCIS) curriculum because it was thought of as an outdated technology. Then, a few years ago they added it back in as two one semester electives at the suggestion of their advisory committee. As you may expect, this class teaches the full cast of characters needed to be a successful COBOL programmer including the IBM mainframe operating system, Job Control Language (JCL) and, of course the COBOL programming language…’


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