Rolling Jubilee Makes Student Loans Disappear

boingboing-46531_297288527050595_1862553266_n‘Since November 2012, Rolling Jubilee has purchased and eradicated about $15 million worth of debt arising from unpaid medical bills. Today, the group announced that it has erased $3.9 million in private student loans, including Courtney Brown’s and those of almost 3,000 other students of the for-profit Everest College.

‘Rolling Jubilee is a project of a group of economic activists called Strike Debt, which formed out of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The group timed today’s announcement for the third anniversary of that protest. The word “jubilee” refers to a time decreed in the Bible, every 49th year, when all debts were ritually forgiven, and slaves and prisoners freed…’

Don’t stalk your spouse. Stalk your problematic domestic helper
Smartphones Are Used To Stalk, Control Domestic Abuse Victims
‘…We found a trend: 85 percent of the shelters we surveyed say they’re working directly with victims whose abusers tracked them using GPS. Seventy-five percent say they’re working with victims whose abusers eavesdropped on their conversation remotely — using hidden mobile apps. And nearly half the shelters we surveyed have a policy against using Facebook on premises, because they are concerned a stalker can pinpoint location.

‘Counselors in St. Paul, Minn., had to call the police when an abuser banged on the safe house doors; he had tracked down his wife using GPS. In Dallas, a woman inside a group therapy session thought her phone was off, but it turns out it was feeding data to her abuser. In Jamaica Plain, Mass., counselors had to help one victim debug her shoes after finding a GPS tracker embedded in them. A few shelters say abusers gave iPhones to their children as a gift, during the parents’ separation, in order to track down the mom…’

British Man an Activist for the Philippines [Video]
‘Pinoy at heart’ British man reacts to Aegis’ anti-PH advert. Bravo Mr. Conlan

‘Malcolm Conlan, a British national married to a Filipina, who is known to have been actively defending Filipinos against bashers from all over the world, have expressed his opinion on the controversial Aegis Malaysia’s video which is now getting a lot of buzz online due to its direct attack on the Philippines as it cites reasons why the country is not a good place to invest in and promotes Malaysia as the perfect place for global investors instead.

‘On Sept. 20, Malcolm shared the viral video on his personal Facebook account and posted the following:…’


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