In Case the Government Assassinates You

motherboard-1411407620913276A Deep Web Service Will Leak Your Documents If the Government Murders You
‘With all the conspiracy theories surrounding some high-profile deaths in recent years, how can you, theoretical whistleblower with highly sensitive documents, be assured that your information gets leaked if you’re murdered in some government conspiracy? A new dark web service says it’s got your back.

”Dead Man Zero’ [deep web link] claims to offer potential whistleblowers a bit more peace of mind by providing a system that will automatically publish and distribute their secrets should they die, get jailed, or get injured.

‘This is all accompanied by the obligatory image of 24’s terrorist-fighting protagonist Jack Bauer, as you can see here:…’

Court Decisions Google Maps Murder Case
Ex-Cisco employee pleads guilty to second-degree murder in ‘Google Maps case’
‘Ex-Cisco engineer Brad Cooper, whose first-degree murder conviction for the 2008 strangulation slaying of his wife Nancy was overturned last year based on disputed Google Maps-related evidence, today pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

‘However, not everyone has been convinced that Cooper killed his wife. An anonymous blogger, who has maintained an elaborately detailed website called “Justice for Brad Cooper,” today wrote:…’

How Did New Technology Gadgets Alter The Living Standard Of Modern Man?
‘So, this was all about the latest gadgets, which science has gifted to us. These gadgets have really brought a new revolution in the life of human beings. Gone are the days, when people faced lots of difficulties and hardships in their survival of life. These gadgets have really made their lives easy and comfortable. But, it is their moral reasonability not to take trifle with these gadgets, since they have adverse effect on the lives of the people. If people use them harshly or profusely, then they can cripple the lives of the people also. Thus, one should be highly concerned about its utility…’

Anonymized Mobile Data Still Not Safe
Singapore research group highlights difficulties in ‘anonymising’ location data
‘A new report [PDF] by a Singapore-based research group has cast doubt upon current practices in anonymising location-based mobile data, suggesting that individuals can be easily re-identified from large mobile datasets, and that such detailed data poses ‘serious privacy risks’.

‘The dataset used by the group, which is partially funded by the National Research Foundation of Singapore and the Economic Development Board, contains a filtered and optimised set of 0.63mn users, whose path in space and time is interpreted as a ‘trajectory’. The group found that traditional anonymising methods, including the random substitution of a location within the trajectory, are unable to provide sufficient anonymity…’


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