Suicide Inside Supreme Court as Protest

ibtimes-india-female-lawyer-attempts-suicide-front-supreme-court-alleging-gang-rapeA new way of Seppuku
What Seppuku is

Lawyer Poisons Herself in Front of Horrified Supreme Court Judges
‘A lawyer made a suicide attempt in a chamber of the Supreme Court of India, alleging her family members had gang-raped her.

‘The woman is reported to have consumed poison before confronting the Chief Justice of India (CJI), RM Lodha, demanding action against the perpetrators.

‘She was immediately taken to the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in the Indian capital.

‘The lawyer alleged that her husband’s relatives, colluding with the husband, had gang-raped her in November 2013. She accused the police of inaction despite a formal complaint…’

Drug dealer headed for prison, shoes and caps confiscated for kids
‘An El Campo drug dealer’s collection of custom sneakers and sports caps is headed for the local Boys & Girls Club while he starts serving a 15-year prison sentence.

‘El Campo police also raided his house, where they confiscated $8,600 in cash, 22 pairs of collector Nike Air Jordan sneakers and numerous sports caps, along with a laptop computer, four digital scales, smartphones, a camera, Wii game system, two televisions and a PlayStation and accessories, said El Campo Police Chief Terry Stanphill.

‘On the authority of a court order, officers also removed various drugs including ecstasy, alprazolam, methamphetamine tablets, marijuana and suspected cocaine and crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia, the chief said…’

In Rural Pennsylvania, Heroin Is Cheaper Than Beer
And is easier to get than wine
‘Young people in rural Pennsylvania can buy heroin more easily than a bottle of wine and getting high with the opiate can be cheaper than buying a six pack of beer, according to an investigative report released on Tuesday.

‘Pennsylvania is not alone in its heroin problem. In rural Vermont, Governor Peter Shumlin said his state was experiencing a “full-blown heroin crisis,” while the overdose rate in New York City has surged as well, especially in the wealthiest neighborhoods.

‘In Pennsylvania, Yaw said a small packet of heroin costs between $5 and $10 and delivers a high lasting four to five hours…’

The Scammer Who Became a National Hero
‘…Over a decade, the wiry Dutchman had surreptitiously become Europe’s premier conman — a disgruntled artist-turned-forger who’d sold his works for tens of millions of dollars. Fueled by rejection from the art world, he had duped leading critics, wealthy collectors, and even a high-ranking Nazi official into believing his works were real. What’s more, he had chosen to do so by emulating the works of Jan Vermeer, a technically-immaculate master of the Dutch Golden Age.

‘But post-World War II, a “Vermeer” painting sold to Nazi Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring was traced back to van Meegeren — a painting of such high quality that experts agreed no one could have possibly fabricated it. Accused of plundering for the Germans, the artist was sentenced to death. In an odd twist, van Meegeren was given one last chance to prove his innocence: If he could produce a brilliant forgery before the eyes of court-appointed witnesses, he’d be spared. What ensued would make the man one of the most popular figures in the Netherlands…’


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