Hacked BDO Bank User Warns Public of ‘phishing’ Websites

inquirer.net-168x126xbdo.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Ys9Nnsi0T9‘Two months after losing almost P50,000 from internet banking, overseas Filipino worker Stephen Yu is still struggling to get his money back, which he might not be able to do because the bank refuses to pay for it.

‘Instead, 31-year-old Yu said he was offered by local banking giant Banco de Oro Unibank Inc. P25,000 worth of gift cheques as a “sign of good will.”

‘The bank, he said, implied that he might have shared his bank details with other people, who had accessed his accounts.

‘Asked then why his account was accessed easily by the robber, Yu said, “Yun nga ang tinatanong ko sa kanila. Baka naman inside job yun kasi one try lang (That’s what I’ve been asking them. I said it might be an inside job because it only happened in one try).”…’
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Scammed By ex-Classmate on Facebook
She Only Wanted To Help, Instead She Became A Victim Of A Modus Operandi
‘A few days ago, a certain Margaux Martinez shared her terrible experience through an FB post. According to her, Alyssa Alexandra Tresiana Serna, a former employee of Century Properties Real Estate, got in touch with her last week asking for financial help. Being classmates in high school, instead of lending her money, Martinez gave her a business opportunity in which they get to divide the commission from the sales they’ll make in each transaction in return for the referrals.

‘Soon after, Serna referred “Adlai”, a well known salon owner from a reputable school, who wants to support their activity through sponsorship. Leading to a possible sale, Martinez agreed to everything her friend requested – from the business presentation – to the meeting schedule. Unfortunately, she later learned she has been a target of a modus operandi – worse is from the person she trusted…’
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CDO TV host rants about #lazynurses; draws ire from netizens
One more abusive air journalist
‘Local TV host Nicole Abas Datayan issued statement Thursday for comments she made on Facebook that bashed nurses and doctors of Madonna and Child Hospital in Cagayan de Oro.

‘The ABS-CBN RNG Program host on Saturday, September 20, began a comment over poor services administered by the medical staff to her niece who suffered a high fever. Record of what was said on her Facebook is not now available, but netizens were able to grab a screenshot of her comments.

‘In her comments, she mentioned and used the hashtag #lazynurses that earned the ire of netizens especially from the Filipino nurses.

‘A screenshot of a Facebook comment is available at coolbuster.net. It shows that Nicole was complaining of being “kept getting passed back and forth” by nurse on duty…’


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