Who Says Google and Apple are Pro-NSA?

valuewalk-google-samsung-vs-appleFBI Doesn’t Like iOS 8 and Android Encryption Features
‘Apple and Google are both touting new security features inside iOS 8 and Android L. The former makes it much harder for authorities to gain access to parts of your phone, like iMessage and Mail, while the latter will start to ship with encryption enabled out-of-the-box later this fall. The FBI doesn’t like this added security one bit and thinks there’s definitely some national concerns that need to be addressed.

‘“There will come a day — well it comes every day in this business – when it will matter a great, great deal to the lives of people of all kinds that we be able to with judicial authorization gain access to a kidnapper’s or a terrorist or a criminal’s device,” Comey said, according to The Huffington Post. “I just want to make sure we have a good conversation in this country before that day comes. I’d hate to have people look at me and say, ‘Well, how come you can’t save this kid,’ ‘how come you can’t do this thing.”…’

Hottest Alternative to Facebook: Ello
‘By now you might have heard about a new social network called Ello—plenty of other people sure have. With more than 34,000 Ello invite requests every hour, the site, still in beta, reportedly came very close to cutting off access on Thursday. But while the site soldiers through, it’s not something the masses can ditch Facebook and sign up for, yet, but its promise of an ad-free environment where people can be themselves in a new, unique space is drawing the curiosity of the Internet.

‘Ello was created by a team of artists and designers—and it’s obvious. Web-based Ello is nothing if not pretty. The artistic vision behind the site also includes promises not to share personal data with third-party services, and it’s gung-ho about never showing you advertisements. Because advertisements, in addition to being targeted to your personal data, are tacky, and would really kill the mellow Ello vibe…’

Ello, The New Social Network, Is Already Legit Enough For Hoaxes
‘Don’t believe everything you hear about Ello, the ad-free social network that is currently enjoying its fifteen minutes of fame. While its production team struggles to keep the servers online, misinformation is spreading fast and loose.

‘The latest hoax came in the form of a Twitter screenshot, in which a user named @tinybaby claimed he’d been banned from Ello for using the hashtag “#GamerGate.”…’


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