How the Secret Service ‘Bungled’ White House Shooting

washingtonpost-AP440408656458Agency didn’t even know White House had been hit

I don’t believe the intruder succeeded. I think the incident was staged to send Obama a message.

‘…Then came an order that surprised some of the officers. “No shots have been fired. . . . Stand down,” a supervisor called over his radio. He said the noise was the backfire from a nearby construction vehicle.

‘That command was the first of a string of security lapses, never previously reported, as the Secret Service failed to identify and properly investigate a serious attack on the White House. While the shooting and eventual arrest of the gunman, Oscar R. Ortega-Hernandez, received attention at the time, neither the bungled internal response nor the potential danger to the Obama daughters has been publicly known. This is the first full account of the Secret Service’s confusion and the missed clues in the incident — and the anger the president and first lady expressed as a result…’

Ireland Pushes the Envelope
Each Irish house and business will get its own postal code
‘Like many parts of rural Ireland, the town doesn’t use house numbers. Some addresses don’t even carry street names. And unlike the rest of Europe and most of the industrialized world, Ireland also doesn’t have postal codes—the equivalent of a ZIP Code in the U.S.

‘The Abbeyfeale postman first delivered mail to the Patrick Murphy who had lived in the village the longest, and they worked it out from there.

‘”My neighbors would get it first,” said Mr. Murphy, 40 years old. “They’d have a good read, and they’d go, ‘No it’s probably not us.’ ”

‘Now, the government here wants to end confusion like this, and plans to roll out the country’s first postal-code system next spring. It promises to be one of the world’s most specific—assigning an individual number to every residence and business…’

Teener claims he was a “caged sex slave” of the three-breasted “hoaxer”
‘…Micheal Squier, 18, said that the model – who claimed to have undergone surgery to have a third breast implanted – carved her name onto his chest on the first night they met in Tampa, Florida, with a steak knife.

‘The teenager claims Ms Hessler, who also goes by the name Jasmine Tridevil, tied him up, flogged him and forced him to sleep in a dog’s cage after they met on the internet and bonded over a shared interest in sex fetishes.

‘Ms Hessler claims to have spent £12,000 on surgery to have a third breast implanted, a procedure which she said was filmed for an MTV programme.

‘But it soon emerged that the whole story had been a hoax, and that the third breast was merely a prostheses, designed to sit between her two natural breasts…’
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One Response to How the Secret Service ‘Bungled’ White House Shooting

  1. DigitalPlato says:

    I don’t believe the intruder succeeded. I think the incident was staged to send Obama a message.


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