Facebook Apologizes To LGBT Community

article.wnPromises Changes To Real Name Policy
‘After weeks of backlash over Facebook’s real name policy, namely from members of the LGBT community who have had their Facebook pages suspended due to drag names, Facebook has met with members of the community and apologized for any hardship they might have caused.

‘Facebook’s VP of Product Chris Cox made a statement today on Facebook apologizing (on behalf of the company, it seems) for any pain caused, and explaining how this situation came to be. The statement also included promises to improve the current real name policy to include all different types of people without risking the safety of other users…’

Why Books are Banned
‘…We’ve also taken a look at data provided by the ALA* about which books and authors have been challenged recently, where those challenges occur, and what the cited reasons are for said challenges.

‘What’s the difference between a challenge and a ban? The ALA explains: “A challenge is an attempt to remove or restrict materials, based upon the objections of a person or group. A banning is the removal of those materials.”

‘To find out whether your favorite author is subject to censorship, or whether your state is prone to challenging titles, check out the infographics below:…’

Is Publicity in Creative Work Favorable?
“But publicity — particularly interviews, profiles, and public appearances — has another, perhaps even more perilous demand: It distracts the artist or writer from the very work that sprouted the demand for such interviews, profiles, and appearances in the first place and takes him or her away from both the contemplative space and the dogged dedication that produced that work.” -Maria Popova

“I think publicity in general is a very destructive thing, for any artist… It always is a problem. Because even if it’s good, the extent to which you get all this attention is an extra thing for you to take account of. You start thinking about your work as an outsider — you start being aware of… what other people think of you. And you become self-conscious… It’s taking your attention away from your own business.” -Susan Sontag

Datacoup Unlocks the Value of Your Personal Data
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