US Navy’s New Unmanned Drone Boats [Video]

140812-N-PO203-560These drones could kill by remote
Remember the inflatable dummy tanks that fooled Hitler in WWII? These drone boats will probably play the part on the next world war.
‘The swarm boats are outfitted with sensors and software so the Navy can control them without putting anyone inside. Algorithms help determine the right speed and the best course of action. These boats are designed to act as an initial line of defense, and can quickly surround unknown or enemy boats as a deterrent. But they’re not just a warning sign. They can also fire .50 caliber machine guns if the deterring doesn’t work, though they don’t start shooting on their own. Like military drones in the sky, a person will control the weapons…’

the dummy tanks that fooled Hitler

What are drones turning us into?
‘…Late one afternoon in December, a drone armed with Hellfire missiles was flying low over the Yemeni desert, an audible buzzing presence, tracking a ­convoy of cars and trucks that were caterpillaring along a route between villages. Within the convoy were the members of two large families, escorting a bride from a wedding celebration in her own village to another in her groom’s, and though they noticed the drone, its presence was not unusual. Then, while the group was stopped because of a flat tire, the noise from the drone grew louder, as if a decision had been reached, and it began to discharge missiles. Several men jumped from the fourth truck before it was destroyed, but as they fled the drone seemed to track them across the sand, and fired again, according to Al Jazeera America. An older sheikh ran from his car and found his son, dead and bloodied, pierced by flying shrapnel in his face, neck, and chest. Twelve men were killed. They were farmers, shepherds, and migrant laborers, mostly. U.S. government officials would say later that the target had been a militant, affiliated with Al Qaeda, who managed to escape the attack. A report by Human Rights Watch suggested that he might never have been there at all…’

Guy Fires Warning Shot, Gets 20 Years
Not the first time. Shoot someone dead and you’ll probably go free. Fire a gun at non-humans and you go to jail.
‘…”This young man was taking my daughter out at night, after we had put her to bed and we had gone to bed,” she said. “And he was disappearing with her. And he would disappear for days at a time with her. And she was 16 years old.”

‘The Wollards asked him to leave, but nothing kept him out of the house — until May 14, 2008. As Lee was taking a nap, his daughter and her boyfriend began to fight.

‘According to Wollard, the young man lunged at him and punched a hole in a wall; the teenager disputes that. But no one disagrees about what happened next.

“‘So I fire a warning shot into the wall, [and] I said, ‘The next one’s between your eyes,'” said Lee…’


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