Supreme Court To Weigh Facebook Threats

article.wn‘…In a case that could dramatically alter the way judicial elections are conducted, the court will decide whether states that elect judges can bar judicial candidates from personally soliciting campaign contributions. Of the 39 states with judicial elections, 30 have such bans. The test case is from Florida, where the state Supreme Court upheld that state’s ban on the grounds that allowing judicial candidates to personally solicit campaign contributions would raise questions about their impartiality on the bench. Those challenging the ban say it violates their free speech rights.

‘Another free speech case involves the question of what constitutes a threat on Facebook. The facts are pretty hairy. Anthony Elonis was convicted of making threats against his estranged wife and an FBI agent. His posts said things like, “I’m not going to rest until your body is a mess, soaked in blood and dying from all the little cuts.”…’

Since trademarking generic words is legal, why don’t we all trademark our own?
At Heart of Unusual Lawsuit: The Word ‘How’
Dov Seidman, a bestselling author who pushes for companies with a conscience, got a trademark on the ‘how’. Chobani yogurt is also invested in “how” food is made. He’s now suing the company, along with its ad agency, to halt the yogurt’s “how” campaign, the New York Times reports.

‘…Even if Mr. Seidman can prove he has been the victim of theft, that may not be enough. Trademarks are meant not to prevent companies from stealing others’ ideas, but to protect consumers from mixing up brands. Mr. Seidman will need to demonstrate that people might be inclined to confuse a yogurt manufacturer with a company that provides consulting services, or mistakenly believe that the two companies were otherwise connected in some way.

‘But anything can happen once a case gets to trial. “In the end, the jury may be wrestling with whether they stole this guy’s idea or not, even if that’s not what trademark law protects,” Mr. Weinberger said.

‘Of course, even if Mr. Seidman loses, he is by no means prepared to cede the moral high ground…’

88-year-old Filipino Takes the Bar Exam for the Third Time
‘Among the more than 6,000 examinees who trooped Sunday to the University of Sto. Tomas (UST) in Manila for the first day of the 2014 bar exams was 88-year-old Bulacan native Bienvenido Hilario.

‘Hilario said it was his third try at the test.

“’I’m the oldest candidate, but I always failed [the bar] because I got low marks in some [exam] subjects. I am not so lucky that’s why I keep returning. I wish I pass before I die,” a laughing Hilario told reporters who interviewed him as he was about to enter the UST campus. Examinees are also called candidates.

‘A graduate of the Philippine Law School (PLS) in Pasay City, Hilario described himself as a “pensioner,” who used to work in the banking sector and at the old Manila International Airport…’
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