Weird Result of Social Experiment [Video]

huffingtonpost-indexWhen men experience domestic violence, why do people react differently?
‘The video below shows witnesses risking their own safety to help when they see a man verbally and physically assaulting his female companion. But the same was not true for the inverse situation.

‘Many passersby react nonchalantly — and even laugh — as a woman physically assaults a man on a busy city sidewalk in the experiment, which was produced using actors by YouTube group OckTV.

‘A similar social experiment was orchestrated in London in May and produced the same results.

‘Katie Ray-Jones, CEO of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, told the “Today” show that the video was “heartbreaking” and exemplifies how society views the issue of domestic violence against men in contrast to domestic violence against women…’

Mugged and Blackmailed
Mug Shot Websites Face Lawsuit Alleging Violations Of Arrestee Publicity Rights
‘It’s a night the 34-year-old freelance graphic designer would like to forget. And since the charges were dropped, that might be possible, except for that accursed, easy-to-Google mug shot. He can see it. His friends and family can see it. And so can prospective business clients, unless he pays what he considers extortion to the websites that publish police photos — and take them down for a fee.

‘Instead, Kaplan is challenging the pay-to-delete mug shot industry. He, along with Debra Lashaway who’d been arrested on theft charges in Ohio that were later dropped, argue that five websites violated their rights of publicity by demanding fees — sometimes hundreds of dollars — to delete their booking photos…’

Did You know that Fluoride is a Nuclear Waste Byproduct?
How a Nuclear Waste Byproduct Made Its Way Into the Nation’s Drinking Water
‘…During the Manhattan Project, fluoride was used to enrich the uranium used to make the bomb. The workers in the Manhattan Project were terrified that they would be inhaling aerosolized fluoride, one of the most toxic chemicals known to man and generally used as rat poison. To quell such fears, Edward Bernays, the grandfather of Public Relations industry (and coincidentally, Sigmund Freud’s nephew) was hired to create the spin campaign that fluoride was safe for children and that it prevented tooth decay. Evidence is emerging today that fluoride could be linked to serious health problems…’
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