Latex Richard


Latex is plastic and if you’re called ‘plastic’, you’re a liar. Guy Fawkes and Latex Richard are opposites

Would You Eat A Veggie Burger That Bleeds?
‘If your first reaction to the above headline is “Oh my god oh oh my god why is a burger made from vegetables bleeding,” you’re not alone. Rest easy, my meat eschewing friends, these vegetarian burgers are only juicing “blood” made from plants.

‘Scientists at a company called Impossible Foods say they’ve managed to mimic the particular mouthfeel of meat by using bioengineered plant “blood,” reports the Wall Street Journal. It reportedly even tastes slightly metallic like real blood.

‘The three-year-old company has so far created a hamburger that’s supposed to look, feel, taste and cook just like the real thing, or something close to it. Scientists in the company’s labs sniff cooking meat smells and make notes, testing the real thing in different ways to gain insight into how to replicate it…’

Police Chief uses son as “dummy” to hide unexplained wealth”
‘The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) has asked the Office of the Ombudsman to investigate the 21-year-old son of Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Alan Purisima.

‘In their supplemental complaint against Purisima, the VACC asked the Ombudsman to also investigate Purisima’s son, Rainier Von, on how he was able to acquire six ventilated/mechanized poultry farms worth over P90 million.

‘The VACC alleged that Rainier Von is being used by his father as a dummy to hide his unexplained wealth.

‘The group also included in the complaint Carlos Gonzales of ULTICON Builders, lawyer Alexander Lopez of Pacific Concrete Corp., and Christopher Pastrana of CAPP Industries, donors of the White House in Camp Crame…’

What Does the Fox Save?
‘…Overnight, German troops in civilian clothes had entered Sommocolonia, effectively undetected by Allied forces. By daybreak, the city was clearly going to fall to German hands, and most of the Allied forced retreated. Lieutenant Fox and a handful of others remained, still directing artillery fire despite the personal risk. For Lt. Fox, that risk became immediate. Upon radioing updated targeting coordinates to the artillery, Lt. Fox was informed of a problem: the artillery fire would hit him as well.

‘… Lt. Fox was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1997. (The delay was likely due to his race; as explained by his Wikipedia entry, many African-American soldiers who should have earned the honor were overlooked otherwise inexplicably.) And in 2005, Lt. Fox became the inspiration for a toy — as part of a line of “medal of honor” G.I. Joe action figures…’

Hasbro Offers ‘Buffalo Soldier’ GI Joe Action Figure


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