Solution to Humanity’s Problems Found on Bus Ride

youtube-mqdefault‘This video was written and produced by comic Nick P. Ross, who currently has two other incredible videos up on his YouTube channel. The subject of cancer is one that many prefer to ignore but, as this story proves, Nick’s ability to share his experience in such an honest and funny way can lead to some amazing things.

‘”Every young person who has had a cancer experience has a unique and remarkable story. We’ve all endured life changing adversity and become beacons of hope to others touched with the disease. Highly Evolved Human is committed to producing and sharing true stories of the young adult cancer experience so we can collectively alter the conversation away from the fear that comes with diagnoses and toward hope for a cancer-free future.”…’

Why Emily Wax-Thibodeaux Don’t Breast-feed
‘…I encountered this “breast is best” reaction at cafes, parks, even in some friends’ houses. One male friend even noticed that my husband was giving Lincoln a bottle in a Facebook posting and commented, “So you’re not breast-feeding? It’s better you know?”

‘What I didn’t know was how to react. Did I want to be judged? Or did I feel like oversharing?

‘The truth is, I’m a breast cancer survivor, and after a double mastectomy with reconstruction, which probably saved my life, I simply wasn’t able to breast-feed…’
A terrifying surprise

The Trouble with Antibiotics
‘FRONTLINE investigates the widespread use of antibiotics in food animals and whether it is fueling the growing crisis of antibiotic resistance in people. Also this hour: An exclusive interview with the family of a young man who died in a nightmare bacteria outbreak that swept through a hospital at the National Institutes of Health.’

Another Foreign News Outlet Links U.S. Bio-Warfare Labs to Ebola Outbreak
‘Russian news outlet Ria Novosti recently featured an interview with Professor Francis Boyle, University of Illinois College of Law, implicating the United States military-industrial complex in the current Ebola outbreak which the World Health Organization claims has now taken over 4,000 lives in West Africa.

‘Great question…how exactly did the Ebola virus get to West Africa from 3,500 km away where it was first discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

‘Why isn’t anyone else asking that question? That question should be asked by every talking head on every mainstream media outlet on repeat 500 times a day every day until it is answered. Of course, predictably, none of the Western establishment media puppets are asking any of the tough questions about Ebola…’
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