The Truth on ‘Ebola’

article.wn.2‘Todays News report will venture into quite a few realms of disbelief and no doubt will have a few moments of head/desk contact, and face/palm ridiculousness as we take a look at the main stream news for the past few weeks…’
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Lotto Ticket Worth About $267,000 to Undergo Forensic Tests
P12-million winnings from burned lotto ticket can still be claimed
‘A man with a lotto ticket burned by flat iron may need to wait for a year before claiming a P12-million lottery prize, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) said.

‘PCSO General Manager Jose Ferdinand Rojas II told dzMM Monday that someone else with an undamaged and genuine ticket may surface and claim the prize.

‘Antonio Failon Mendoza of Calaca, Batangas claimed that he won P12 million in the October 2 draw.

‘However, his daughter allegedly used a flat iron on the crumpled ticket.

‘A big part of the ticket got burned, making it useless and impossible to read by the PCSO’s machine…’

‘These families are not victims’
Readers react to our prison bankers investigation
‘This was abundantly clear to us after we started reading comments on the ‘Profiting from Prisoners’ series we released last week.

‘Reporters Daniel Wagner and Eleanor Bell focused on layers of fees that come alongside money transfers to prison inmates from their families, but based on some readers’ remarks, these fees are merely a snapshot of what can happen to captive customers.

‘Below, we’ve culled responses from across the Internet: some were thankful for the story, some added dimension to our reporting and some weren’t fans of the piece at all…’

Christopher Columbus Was Even Worse Than You Thought [Video]
‘Media outlets generally don’t shy away from exposing the truth about this American hero and most people who educate themselves outside the propaganda vacuum of public schools know that in the 21st century the man would be put on trial for crimes against humanity – well, unless he managed to reach the summit of political power.

‘There is, however, one aspect of Columbus’ sins that gets ignored…’
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