Why investigative journalism is so important

salon.com-greenwald_snowden_poitras-620x412‘Bloggers appear to have filled a void particularly in political commentary. A key difference between bloggers and traditional media is that bloggers have little or no reputational risk or editorial objectivity in what they comment on.

‘Apart from libel laws they are largely free to say what they want with little commercial constraint.

‘But real investigative journalism is crucial to a well-functioning democracy. Unfortunately it is a costly endeavour for media outlets struggling to survive. This leads to a tendency towards descriptive reporting rather than investigation. This reduces the accountability of politicians and other powerful entities in our society…’

Why The Poor Pay $1,400 for Old iPads
‘Would you pay $1,439.28 for an early model iPad? Some who can’t afford it do. In some ways, the predatory lending to the poor that threw America into a tailspin in 2006 has moved on to smaller items like iPads and couches. Rent-to-own stores can charge effective interest rates of more than 100 percent and avoid state usury laws by categorizing the purchases as “leases.” And the industry is growing: the store that sells the $1,400 iPad (over 72 weeks) currently has 204 stores and wants to double that number in the next three years…’
— The Washington Post via @dabeard

Finalists For The 2014 National Book Award
Some of the winners:
Anthony Doerr for Fiction, Evan Osnos for Non-fiction
‘The National Book Awards shortlists — for fiction, nonfiction, poetry and young people’s literature — were announced Wednesday on Morning Edition by Mitchell Kaplan, co-founder of Miami Book Fair International and former president of the American Booksellers Association. Read more about each of the finalists below…’
the list

How Can You Get Difficult Sources to Open Up?‏
The Art of Street Reporting
‘Reporting has always been more about art than science. Journalism schools can teach you what a nut graph is, but the best reporters learn on the job, building stories from scratch as they deal with difficult sources, bureaucratic roadblocks, and potentially threatening situations. That’s why we’re creating this journalism guide alongside our nonprofit sister site Contently.org.

‘In a series of installments, we’re covering 15 topics ranging from how to develop police sources to how to properly read an Accurint report. Book smarts and street smarts are different beasts in the world of journalism, but by providing the right resources, we want to help every reporter have both…’


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