UberFacts Makes $500K Off Twitter

lexrockchamber-3036880-poster-p-1-how-to-make-500000-a-year-on-twitter‘It’s a blindingly sunny morning in October, and Sanchez, founder of the uber-popular Twitter account UberFacts, is sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe in Beverly Hills showing me a feature on the about-to-be-released UberFacts Android app. (An iOS app already exists.) He’s playing a game called UberTap, in which you try to tap the screen a certain number of times within a certain number of seconds. Say, 80 times in 10 seconds. It’s mindlessly addictive (wait–what about 100 times in 10 seconds?), and has absolutely nothing to do with the weird, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not-type trivia that has made UberFacts one of the most powerful brands on Twitter…’

One more reason to monitor your kids’ social networks
Parents May Be Liable for What Their Kids Post on Facebook, Court Rules
Court finds Georgia couple can be held liable for defamation of son’s classmate
‘Parents can be held liable for what their kids post on Facebook, a Georgia appellate court ruled in a decision that lawyers said marked a legal precedent on the issue of parental responsibility over their children’s online activity.

‘The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled that the parents of a seventh-grade student may be negligent for failing to get their son to delete a fake Facebook profile that allegedly defamed a female classmate.

‘The trouble started in 2011 when, with the help of another student, the boy constructed a Facebook profile pretending to be the girl. He used a “Fat Face” app to make her look obese and posted profane and sexually explicit comments on the page depicting her as racist and promiscuous, according to court documents…’

Employee Fired for ‘Hate’ Tweet
‘Earlier this afternoon, Uber driver Christopher J. Ortiz posted the email above informing him that he would be “permanently deactivated” because of a single tweet. “I think that’s pretty much fired—for a ‘independent contractor,'” Ortiz told Valleywag.

‘Ortiz, a journalist and startup founder, had driven for Uber in May and June as research for his startup, Newscastic, “which is also in the marketplace space,” he said. He was considering starting up again and asked how he could get his account reactivated, which is when he received the email from John Hamby, an Uber operations manager…’

Mozilla teams up with Humble Bundle to offer Firefox and Chrome users eight plugin-free games
‘Mozilla and Humble Bundle today announced a new package that features award-winning indie best-sellers for which gamers can choose how much they want to pay. Naturally called the Humble Mozilla Bundle, the package consists of eight games that have been ported to the Web.

‘The first five games (Super Hexagon, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, Osmos, Zen Bound 2, and Dustforce DX) can cost you whatever you want. The next two (Voxatron and FTL: Faster Than Light) can be had if you beat the average price for the bundle. You can pay $8 or more to receive all of the above, plus the last game, Democracy 3. Previously, all of these indie games were available only on PC or mobile. Now they all work in browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux without having to install any plugins…’


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