Was ‘Charmine Chou’ a social experiment for case study?

Sexy FB posts get OFW in trouble with Saudi authorities
‘In the spirit of balance reporting, we are posting screenshots of the public posts cum explanation made by a certain Suzy Bautista, said to be a Master of Arts student here in the Philippines, the owner/admin of the aforementioned Facebook page.

‘The case study referred to by the page admin is somehow similar to the “social experiment” conducted occasionally by Philippine broadcaster GMA-7’s wish-granting show Wish Ko Lang.

‘The difference is that the Kapuso program sets a limitation of sort so that the “social experiment” won’t greatly affect a particular sector of society…’

Snapchat Can’t Afford To Keep Your Photos Secure
‘Snapchat is valued at $10 billion, with its 24-year-old CEO Evan Spiegel paying himself a $10 million salary. Yet in the wake of a third-party breach which allowed hackers to post hundreds of thousands of private Snapchat photos on the Internet, the company now claims it has neither the time or money to keep its customers secure.

‘Hackers dumped hundreds of thousands of user photos—about 13GB—onto Internet forum 4chan on Sunday, a breach Internet joke smiths call “The Snappening.” Snapchat traced the hack to a third-party app named SnapSaved, and promptly blamed the victims:…’

Anonabox Mini-router Causes a Gigantic Web Splash
‘IT professional August Germar and his team launched a Kickstarter campaign for Anonabox, a device aimed to provide simple access to online privacy through portable hardware. Within two days, the campaign — originally seeking to raise $7,500 for a small production run — went viral among privacy-focused online consumers, commenters and media outlets, resulting in over $600k in pledged support as of the morning of October 16; the campaign’s sudden success, however, has also warranted extensive analysis and criticism from leading proponents of online privacy tools.

‘The device automatically sends all data through the protective Tor network, allowing users to chat, email, and browse freely anonymously by hiding IP addresses and side-stepping firewalls. The box may also offer improvements on current Tor services; the team explains, “[the] Anonabox also allows people to use programs over Tor that never supported it before or required complicated configuration like Skype, Safari and Filezilla, to name just a few.” Also, they add, “the default firewall configuration protects your computer or network from outside access.”…’

You’ll Never Take out the Trash the Same Way Again
‘In a refreshing product concept, designers Hu Lingling and Zhang Baoyi have imagined a elegant solution to the trashcan-trashbag dilemma. Their Eco Trash Can is a minimal, rectangular receptacle designed with deliberate grooves to hold multiple plastic bags at once. 3+ bags can be layered within the trashcan, allowing users to sort trash to their preferences.

‘The Eco Trash can works to eliminate the mess associated with using repurposed bags for trash collection, and it encourages consumers to recycle their free grocery bags and minimize net waste. Distinct bags can separate solid from liquid waste, or recyclables from non-recyclables.“Different sized bags can be used and there are no restrictions,” the product page notes, “ it makes reuse of small plastic bags a hassle-free experience.”…’


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