The Funny US-Canada Border

Village Customs border on the ridiculous

‘Michel Jalbert was not planning a diplomatic incident when he drove 20 yards into the United States last October to fill his car with cheap petrol.

‘Like almost everyone in Pohenegamook, a Quebec village facing the forests of northern Maine, he took a relaxed view of the border. It is hard not to when the frontier – fixed by Anglo-American treaty in 1842, then seemingly ignored until the 20th century – runs right through several villagers’ houses.

‘But with security sharply tightened since September 11, 2001, there is now a serious border running an inch behind one man’s fridge, and dividing an elderly couple’s kitchen table in two…’

U.S. government probes medical devices for possible cyber flaws
‘The products under review by the agency’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team, or ICS-CERT, include an infusion pump from Hospira Inc and implantable heart devices from Medtronic Inc and St Jude Medical Inc, according to other people familiar with the cases, who asked not to be identified because the probes are confidential.

‘These people said they do not know of any instances of hackers attacking patients through these devices, so the cyber threat should not be overstated. Still, the agency is concerned that malicious actors may try to gain control of the devices remotely and create problems, such as instructing an infusion pump to overdose a patient with drugs, or forcing a heart implant to deliver a deadly jolt of electricity, the sources said…’

Online shopping possibly saved woman from domestic violence
Governor’s wife bought a car online to escape from angry husband. Mrs. Tallado felt that she wasn’t safe with husband anymore

‘The wife of Camarines Norte Gov. Edgardo Tallado bought a car from an online seller last week before going to Manila, police said Wednesday.

‘Police said Mrs. Josefina Tallado arrived in Naga last Friday, October 17, and checked in at Moraville Hotel with her friend, Darlene Francisco.

‘On Saturday night, the two hired a taxi and went to Arana Street in Naga City to search for the seller of a black Honda Civic that was being sold online.

‘After Mrs. Tallado tested the vehicle, she immediately handed over P170,000 to the owner and left…’


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