Women Least Welcome in Online Gaming Space

‘The Pew research supports the notion that women are less welcome in the world of online gaming. Survey respondents, who were both men and women, were asked about a series of online platforms — social networks and online commenting forums, for example — and whether they thought those platforms were more welcoming to women, equally welcome to both sexes or more welcoming toward men.

‘The findings show that while most online environments are viewed as equally welcoming, gaming is not. “The starkest results were for online gaming,” the researchers write, where 44 percent of respondents said the platform was more welcoming to men. You can see the starkness of the results in this bar graph:…’

When your virtual girlfriend psychologically profiles you
‘Karen comes to you through a daily feed of interactive HD videos that allow you to respond through touch and text. Although you can choose to ignore her or ask her to “call back later,” she’ll become more responsive the more time you spend with her. But be careful, because this is an experiment in big data utilization, and Blast Theory seems to want to test out just how far they can take things. “As she gets to know you, she gets more and more curious,” their Kickstarter campaign reads. “She seems to know things about you that she shouldn’t… Where exactly is this going to end?” If you become a backer, they’re even promising to show you how they used the data to shape your experience…’

Mind Your Health, Weight Loss with Portion Control Plate
‘Nutritional science has known for decades, and the public has known since the 2006 release of Brian Wansink’s Mindless Eating, that the single most important factor in how much people eat is how much food people are given. It’s a simple fact of food consumption that is too often exacerbated by large dinner plates, super-sizing and all-you-can-eat appetizer deals at your favorite restaurant.

‘Dutch designer Annet Bruil saw the problem, and offers a solution in her ETE plate. It’s a “pie chart” for the meal you eat before your pie. The simple, white plate has lines drawn on it dividing its surface into sections for vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins. The size of the plate keeps your total amount of food in line with daily calorie requirements, and the dividing lines keep the relative proportions in line with what nutritionists recommend…’

Self-Filling Water Bottle for Your Bicycle
Solar-powered device converts moisture in the air into safe drinking water
‘Cycling is a good way to work up a thirst, but how do you ensure you always have some water to hand – even without a water source? The answer is Fontus, a self-filling water bottle designed by Kristof Retezar that collects the moisture contained in the air, condenses it and stores it as safe drinking water. Powered by solar cells, it can harvest up to 0.5 litres of water in an hour´s time – assuming you have the right climatic conditions…’

And more importantly, clean air


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