Why They Hide Water at Fast Foods

travel.aol-1-philippines-mcdonalds-380nm090310Nothing disgusts me more than a fast food shop without water because I like water more than sweet drinks. I already bashed waiters at two shops. They don’t even care about diabetics as long as they sell their drinks.

‘Just Say No to H20’ (Unless It’s Coke’s Own Brew)

‘Coca-Cola offered a glimpse of its battle plan against tap water in an article on one of its Web sites headlined “The Olive Garden Targets Tap Water & WINS.” Aimed at restaurants selling the company’s fountain drinks, the article laid out Coke’s antiwater program for the Olive Garden chain as a “success story” for others to emulate.

‘The article was posted three years ago but went unnoticed until this summer, when Rob Cockerham, a graphic designer in Sacramento, Calif., stumbled across it. It then spread through Internet circles until Coca-Cola started fielding questions about it and took the entire site down. A spokeswoman said the company was concerned that the site, which was due to be dismantled anyway, might be misinterpreted by consumers…’

Survey: Filipinos spend less on groceries, eat out more

Compare that headline to this:

Millions to remain in poverty as gov’t revises target

‘The Philippines had originally projected that 16.6% of its 100 million people would still be living in poverty by 2016…’ –link

So how could Filipinos eat out more while most are living in poverty. Someone is obviously lying.

‘Filipinos shell out less for monthly groceries as a quarter of consumers preferred to eat in fast food restaurants and convenience stores, global information and insights company Nielsen said Wednesday.

‘In an emailed statement, Nielsen said respondents spent P4,700 on an average this year, 13 percent less than the monthly allocation of P5,400 for groceries in 2012.

‘”Driving this cut in grocery spend is the spike in the number of consumers who are dining out and the increased frequency in eating out of home,” the statement read…’

And it’s funny too that most middle class families I know buy groceries to save money.


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