Students with sexy FB photos Barred from Graduating students also ruined the reputation of St. Theresa’s College

‘The SC said there was no violation of privacy of the two students when their school, the St. Theresa College, penalized them for uploading the photographs allegedly showing them wearing only brassieres, smoking and drinking in a bar.

‘Petitioners Rhonda Ave Vinares and couple Margarita and David Suzara argued that the school violated their children’s privacy since the photos were only for exclusive viewing of their friends on the social media.

‘The court said the school and its personnel did not resort to any unlawful means of gathering the information as it was voluntarily given to them by persons who had access to the girls’ Facebook account.

‘It said digital images under such a setting are outside the confines of privacy since a majority of Facebook users befriend other users who are total strangers…’

Wife discovers on Facebook her husband married another woman
‘She had read rumours about his possible infidelity on Facebook, but remained confident it was just gossip and that he wasn’t cheating on her while he worked away in Oman.

‘That is until she discovered pictures of the father of two getting married to another woman on a beach in the Arab state.

‘Unknown to Mrs Gibney, 55, the oil contractor had been living a double life with teacher Suzanne Prudhoe, 46.

‘It later transpired the couple had been an item for at least 18 months before their £45,000 beach ceremony at the British Embassy in March last year…’
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Ex-Pinoy gangster keeping kids safe in San Francisco
‘The South of Market or the SOMA is a neighborhood in San Francisco that houses major technology companies like Twitter and Pinterest.

‘The SOMA also has a notorious reputation for not being one of the safest neighborhoods where some fall victims to gang violence and drug dealing.

‘Filipinos make up a big part of the population in the South of Market, and one former gang member made it his mission 20 years ago to do what he could to keep kids away from the dangers of the streets.

‘Rudy Corpuz Jr. founded the United Playaz which is a violence prevention and mentorship program. They celebrated two decades of helping the youth…’


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