Doctors, Hospitals Robbing Patients With New Charges

nytimes-JP-DOCFEES1-blog427‘Leo Boudreau of Massachusetts was thrilled to find a psychologist in his insurance network to treat his teenage daughter for emotional stress related to a medical condition. The therapist worked out of a local hospital.

‘But he was surprised when the bill for each visit contained two charges: the approximately $100 he expected to see for the therapist — and a similar fee for the room, which was not covered.

‘“How could it be that the doctor was in network and the hospital was in network, but I had to pay separately for the room?” Mr. Boudreau said…’

Why you shouldn’t smoke while driving
Guy Runs Over Own Head After Dropping Cigarette. Imagine if he was already cruising the streets when his cig dropped
‘A man was runover by his own van in Aurora Sunday when he dropped a lit cigarette into his jacket and jumped out of the moving vehicle.

‘The man was backing out of a driveway and was knocked down and the van rolled over his head, Aurora police said.

‘Police haven’t identified the driver, who is in critical condition. He is expected to survive, police said in a release.

‘The van was in reverse gear when it knocked him down at about 6:37 a.m., and the front driver’s side tire rolled over his head. The accident happened in the 15900 block of East Nassau Dr…’

First female commander of US Naval Command is from Phillippines
‘…The first woman to assume the position of Commander Joint Region Marianas, Bolivar also holds the distinction of being the first female commander of Navy Region Northwest. She is also the first woman to hold a number of other important positions. She is the US Defense Representative for Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau, and Commander of Naval Forces Marianas. Bolivar’s area of responsibility includes the US territory of Guam, which is the closest US naval base to Philippines. Her command plays a pivotal role in shaping US policy in the Asia Pacific region, particularly in the face of President’s Obama’s “pivot” to the Asia Pacific…’


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